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How to choose different taste wedding cake

Sweet is the most wonderful time of life, when you're depressed, hungry, lonely, disappointed, a little bit of sweet temptation that awakens the soul the most naked desire. Whether it's chocolate cake, cheesecake or brownies, this unique taste experience, occupies almost the entire history of mankind, also includes the history of the growth of each one of us.  

wedding cake ideas--decided to taste, size and shape of the ornament (12-18 months before the wedding)

style inspiration:

you are a chocolate fan? fresh Strawberry cake will remind you-salivate you? or his (her) like creamy, or what other dessert? close your eyes, take the time to think about. Think about what flavors   is your favorite for a long time. Almost any kind of cake is a wedding of a beautiful landscape. Remember, if you can dream it, Baker might be able to do it!

chocolate cake

chocolate represents the symbol of love between lovers, thick chocolate cake makes you extremely beautiful, as most appropriate!  wedding cake coffee and Walnut cake: strong coffee taste, full of crunchy walnuts, and tasted very happy feeling!

fruit cake

strawberries, cherries, blueberries ... ... Take full of fruit cake, why not call people. It will become one of the darlings of the wedding.   Rum cake: delicious rum cake baked flavor, cake will normally include such as raisins, dried fruit, taste richer!

lemon Almond Cake

the right amount of lemon fragrance refreshing, coupled with unique flavor and fine texture of almond powder, feeling for wedding guests to enjoy food taste great.

Orange cake

fresh orange cream, mix fruit, tropical Orchard feeling!

Red Velvet Cake

outer layer made of pink and Red fondant circles for decoration, which is vibrant red velvet cream sweet filling. It not only tastes wonderful when,  when the couple cut the cake and gave everyone a Visual explosion.

Mint green tea cake

Fresh Greens, generous square shapes, soft and mellow the coolness of mint and tea, is a cherished summer, and green-themed weddings!

Black Forest cake

combine sour cherry, cream of sweet, bitter chocolate, cherry wine character. About perfect Black Forest cake stand for all tastes

hazel nuts chocolate mousse cake

elegant shape and chocolate mousse with orange of soft collisions, hazelnut crisp and sweet, each bite was like discovering a fun seeds of love ... ...

close your eyes, think about what your favorite color of the cake. Your dream cake is a pure white one? is still gorgeous colorful color notes, or chocolate mousse fantasy?

Blue: Blue themed wedding has always been new people's love, especially in the summer is hot. Fresh and inviting mix blue cake Tower, layers of yellow roses are romantic.

Brown: If you are the pursuit of individual newcomers, Brown will show, styling set off even more fun!

Orange: Orange Gerbera for the beautiful cake decorations and personalized, bright styles now, used for summer wedding, lawns, beaches and other outdoor wedding.

Pink: Pink is definitely "romantic Princess" representatives of the lovely, is a favorite of fairy tale themed wedding. Cherry blossom petals adorn more dreamy.

Purple: purple is a symbol of elegance. Purple Ribbon shape cake interpretation to be more gentle. Suitable for mature and elegant wedding.

White: If you feel your wedding to find the tune of wedding cake, white is the best, safest choice. At the surface of the cake decorated with sugar paste hand-painted, not boring!

multicolor: very exotic designs, fancy color gems decorated held a perfect winter wedding. Abstract modern design, soft colors, increase the luster of Pearl, a personalized small hat styling. Get your personalized wedding!

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