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Let your wedding that save money, saving

If your wedding budget is very limited and cannot afford expensive wedding, don't worry, some details in the wedding can save you expenses.

1.  in the circle of friends borrowed car

If your friends don't have the car, you can ask them to come to their friends.

2.  select a cheap cake

luxury cake although the feast for the eyes, but it will increase the costs.

3.  decorated the cake with fresh flowers

sugar flower prices are much more expensive than flowers.

4.  wholesale store

wholesale store to buy drinks and other small items can save a lot of money.

5.  to the exhibition to buy decorations and gifts

If you buy a lot, businesses will naturally give you a discount.

6.  reuse ceremony flowers

flower ceremony could be used again for entertaining guests, this will save you money.

7.  select seasonal flowers

seasonal flowers and greenhouse cultivation of flowers in Nice, but the prices are much cheaper.

8.  selecting winter wedding

belonging to married in the winter off-season, businesses will give you a discount.

9.  does not have a cocktail

just 15 minutes to provide plenty of food and drinks for the guests, surprisingly expensive.

10.  dinner buffet is not worth

buffet dinner less staff, but the food in the restaurant was a lot.

11.  does not have a meal, choose a dessert reception or cocktail party

prepare dessert and Champagne only entertain guests, prepared meal to save a lot of expenses. A cocktail can also save you money.

12.  make your own gift

optional small soaps in the store of practical, inexpensive, and easy to pack. Do it yourself, wrapped in pretty thin paper is OK.

13.  to the big flower market flower

If you need a lot of flowers, you can buy and put back two days earlier in the cold room for storage.

14.  take full advantage of the ceremony and reception venues

direct deposit something in these places, transportation back and forth to save travel expenses.

15.  friends to the ceremony

so you not only save money on MC, and avoid the same cliches.

16.  draw their own road map

refer to the map of the city, the ceremony venue and wedding venues marked as accurately as possible the road map.

17.  my friend or relative to your camera

families now have cameras and digital video cameras, and is good at taking pictures, or the friends of photography, this can save cost.

18.  purchase samples of wedding shops

samples and original products look the same, the price is cheaper.

19.  wrote invitations

invitation to write, do not have to pay people to write, but be sure to write legibly.

20.  omitted both parties give each other gifts

this link you can not, you are the best present for him.

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