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Make your bed comfortable and romantic

Wedding good day how to arrange suitable bedding? Three-point principle to grasp.

     first: fabric comfortable property

about one-third time in one's life is spent in bed, bedding of quality and comfort directly affect people's health and State of mind. Therefore, the selection of comfortable and healthy bedding set, the couple is definitely for the first issue of a new life.

because of the bedding in direct contact with the human body, and try to pick cotton or silk fabric, cotton or silk fabric as a natural fiber, soft, absorbent, easily generate static electricity, and skin contact without any stimulation, is harmless to human body, good Hygroscopicity, ventilation, good wearability, making people feel comfortable. Variety of textures, patterns of bedding a lot currently on the market, now more popular and fuanna "Prime wedding" series, for example, it uses soft fabrics such as cotton, silk, coupled with superb after transfer printing process, not only feel good, soft and easy to clean.

second: exquisite decorative colors

wedding room layout to highlight the celebratory atmosphere, and color design is ACE of the entire wedding room atmosphere, marriage bed as housing Visual Centre, bedding color choices to consider its decorative function. With the color elegant, beautiful, bright and contrasting colors fashion,. Fuanna "Prime wedding" series has multiple colors such as red, off-white, pink, meet new people with different needs, off-white express the elegance of the legendary pink shape shining love, romance red traditional.  , Table cloths, curtains, lamps, and other color concert with bedding colors. So, in coordinating the moderate, the right mix of environments, will be able to play the wedding night of romance.

the third move: focus on selected styles

bedding choices to individuality. Accompanied by temperament and the different styles of bed linens can play a finishing touch effects, so bedding styles are particularly important. If you want to show wedding room a warm, passionate atmosphere, pick a pattern of color, gorgeous fabrics to match; want to create elegant artistic effect can be decorated with patterned fabric with a patterned border. As a leader in wedding fashion trends, rich Anna "Prime wedding" series combines European and Chinese style, from the selection of fabrics, color matching, pattern design and diffusion of the spirit, all show a festive, noble, elegant style. Changed design of traditional crafts and new bedding, unique qualities won the hearts of many people in the fashion.

selected their distinctive style of bedding, then put a consistent style of home decor, a romantic wedding so easy to build out.

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