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Bride and groom entertaining wedding stunt

After the wedding banquet usually held, while modern Diners began to change in the evening and the place has gradually changed in the hotel.   Most of the wedding without certain procedures, brides usually change to different sets of 3-5 evening dress (can show Clothing, and is the only actress Oh ...) In addition toast, main, a visitor, a newcomer probably isn't leaving the seat; but   should pay attention to dress on the one hand, on the one hand pay attention to the comings and goings of people ... Eat less than what most ... So eat more before the wedding ... Is very important.

prior to guest background

before the wedding to the guests there is a general understanding is very important, because both of the man's friends, also has a woman friend, there might be some that they didn't contact each other before, so prior to the invitation list is thin and mutual understanding can greatly open up from embarrassment in the wedding scene.

analyzing guest characters

guests in the outgoing, introverted, not one, for they should be treated separately: outgoing friend introverted friends sit on a match as closely as possible, is best known to sit at the same table, within the wedding don't forget friends, say hello to them in a timely manner, but not so for them, such as forced toast.

meet the wine battle

will inevitably have to be relatives and friends of the bride and groom in a wedding toast, but must reluctantly, must not show the start of Cup are straightforward, or whether it is old or new will be with you for a "bird", zero Ding drunk will not only affect the whole wedding, worse the bridal chamber of the "good"! So before the wedding is ready, pick two drink and GAB groomsmen bridesmaids as a shield, this is a must!

meet the entertainment

after the wedding, must not games as the episode mocked the couple, this is the most difficult to deal with for some time in the past. Then the couple should try to show generous fell tired appearance, trying to cater to (even if some are more open (tertiary) programs, such as kissing in public, such as/  fed grapes), or you are more shy, they booed will be totally stuck in the trap of setting. This season is a faster programs one program to finish, as soon as possible, please, as long as the couple together, spend the first "affliction" will complete the historical mission of the wedding.

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