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New wedding booking experience

Wedding in the wedding is the wedding plays, site selection is critical. In order to help you better choose wedding reception venues, small finishing experience information, for your reference, hope that helps!

before the wedding, you have to be aware of the following matters:

1) its own budget

2) selected day

3) set the table

matters identified above, the next, the couple should consider the following factors:

1) according to the budget, select the appropriate specifications site. If your budget is tight, consider inexpensive restaurants restaurant; if you loose your funds, you can choose in upscale restaurants and hotel.

2) the location and access of the site. Because the wedding usually have many relatives and friends are invited to attend, so when selecting a venue to consider guests ' traffic problems as possible. A suitable site should meet "easy to find", "accessibility", "have enough spaces," basic requirements. And of course, to try to get away from your home is relatively close to the. (Although this in big cities like Beijing, more difficult to implement. )

3) both parents on the menu taste preferences. If someone can't eat spicy food, you should consider choosing Cantonese, Shanghai, Taiwan cuisine and other items.

4) venue can accommodate the number of guests in the lobby. Wedding is a when people are gathered together, festive fun. Unless there is some special guests, or if a whole site does not open, you also need to open packages, is not very good. So be sure to find a room big enough venue.

selection of these principles, the couple usually can find a wedding venue in following ways:

1) relatives and friends use wedding venue. Listen to their introduction, personal experience is the most direct information. If newly married friends are not around much, you can also look at on the Shakespeare's marriage and other marriages website, listen to the views of users.

2) wedding company recommendations. Wedding most people they contact on site there are more and more professional than the average person to understand. Can listen to their recommendations and evaluations, not necessarily choose, but at least one more choice.

3) like the restaurant. If the restaurant taste particularly satisfied, or pleasing layout, in which services, contact can also ask each other any wedding service. Of course, in this case, do not ignore field trips. Because wedding compared to ordinary dinner, there are plenty of special requirements. These matters, be sure to pay attention to.

after you have your initial list of alternative venues, next thing to do is call, gather the necessary information. Here, the phone queries have several skills.

1) directly and explained the reason, asking whether there is a wedding business. If your reaction is "hold on, I'll help you find the wedding Director", then, congratulations, this site should be of remarriage are relatively experienced banquet! In contrast, if you do not specify the person in charge, this professional will drop ROM!

2) asked the size of the venue, and can accommodate a maximum number of tables/number. Ideal venue able to accommodate the number of tables is the number of guests you expect the best of 120%-150%. Small sites are crowded, people feel bad. Too large space will display free and good bargains.

3) understand the schedule. Look at your choice of time reserved.

4) asked a wedding standard. Experienced wedding venue, usually has a ready quote, either by table or by people. But asked if the offer was not enough, also ask whether there is a service fee, what drinks can bring, and how much is it. Some sites require additional site fees, ask for clarification.

5) if they also provide other wedding related services and facilities, it is better to inquire about items and situations.

the above problem, ask about the best record, so that comparison. If the location, size, budget, time is suitable, you can target set by investigating.

recommended to the couple and their families personally to the scene to investigate, on the best wedding planner. Field trips focus on looking and tasting, pay extra attention to the following aspects.

1) form venue décor is right for your wedding. Chinese wedding combined with Chinese-style decoration is no problem, when combined with a Western-style decoration, be careful. If Western-style wedding ceremony with Chinese-style decoration will seem neither fish nor fowl.

2) the actual size of the venue, can put how many tables there are no pillars in the middle; there is no suitable wedding venues; sign in no reasonable arrangement;

3) accessibility, parking is easy. If the place is not too hard to find, to pay additional attention to surrounding landmarks to facilitate informed the guests in the future.

4) food is delicious--and this is a very important point. Chinese people eat are about, so, to give guests a good feeling, not to look at their own. Now try wedding banquet restaurants often provide food service, but tasting is not free of charge, only priced at a little discount, if wanting to understand the content of Banquet, you can try out.

5) visit the facilities to suit your needs, including audio, microphone, projector, etc. If necessary, ask the price Oh!

experience on wedding venue booking:

1 environment, generally upscale hotels are magnificent, but the price is high and not eat anything special, more suitable for Pocket money attention to the new style.

2, if more emphasis on catering quality couple can choose to have more characteristics of specialized cooking hotel booking in the vicinity, some hotel booked 10 tables can also be sent.

3, based on personal experience with people I know and people did not know of services is very different, proposed new people vigorously tap all friends and family, as far as iron man to arrange hotel accommodation.

4, moreover, two days before the feast to be held must be approved by a reservation and arrangements for the chef in the kitchen to see a face, sending smoke and some sugar, Hello, would be better.

5, drinks can bring, there is no free parking space, there is no cake, reception table, place card, sign in to book these hotels all offer be sure to ask in advance to prevent the wedding company does not provide the results also did not occur.

6, the best look at the venue in advance, some newcomers don't like the guests to irrelevant, it requires the hotel lobby there is room for better separated, don't you think every cannot keep.

7, arrange the seats and rows of 11 people at one table as possible when people, for on their wedding day will not, in case people too much, seats are empty it's hard to look at.

8, the wedding day is best arranged to have a friend full control, prior to all, to inform him that the alcoholic drinks how emergencies are handled by the, avoiding staff that drive the wine increases your overhead. And newcomers are unlikely to have the time to deal with these things on the day.

9, menu it is best if you can get more people to eat, as well as wanting to prepare a dress the next day when you leave the hotel you can replace, the total can not dress up to go out.

10, usually the wedding banquet table is approximately equal to 6~7 Zhang XI, therefore to reduce the number of tables in the space of seven days ago, and inform reception restaurant table in last, but also to inform reception in advance notice on the day and at the same time signature silk, gift books, photos, wedding account, thank, and ready.

11, suggested the couple arranged gifts and the hospitality and assigned by counting drinks, seeds, candy, cigarettes and the number of open seats.

12, wedding program of prior coordination with the restaurant staff, guest seating controls, open mat time master, a toast of OK.

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