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Wedding and festive General Assembly highlights

Hung Ying-Ming yan dancing flowers, tree  /

Long March Yan Wing  /  eternal love one

a marriage with long  /  century couple were forever

Sun red flowers open and pedicle  /  care friend threesome

Li Feng and Tao li laughed  /  the perfect Phoenix fly

3,000 bead shoes light Portal  /  a young couples knot wind

visit Yao on family status  /  joyous good time party guest

Peng to beads and shoes  /  partners from now on to white

connect married  /  lovebirds Huan Xiang-long

clink invite guests to open macro  /  Zhu yan Bin table in good faith

Tian Hei Hei push red  /  bin welcomed the newcomers, Lord Huan to

shame no fish on the table the guest is coming to play clip  /  Zhong Feng Yu Man is like Xiao blowing

sweep the court orders welcome-driving  /  to fungus-carrying pipes Lu Yu

view Phoenix father laugh dance  /  Hooi hejin makeup

horse does not teach the guests return to  /  man Phoenix sound, touch

head qingxiao Phoenix wing  /  door beads talk shoe

jiuyao mild ashamed unreasonable  /  subject-object love someone

Cook without wine is ashamed  /  I spent something strong yan bin

since they have failed without a sumptuous dinner in the kitchen  /  Hin class a participant

with deep feeling to celebrate  /  kitchen without delicious really ashamed

move door to jade step  /  in the kitchen holding a pumpkin

kitchen carefully adjusted in five  /  come together in front of the Hall are three Pro-

Green float glass drunk invited guests  /  lantian jade married up

die spent maotai paid boarding  /  burning reflected Gates Anthurium

Ying feng Lu, spill Gates  /  perfectly content to increase party guest

parent Xizi heavy  /  Qi Huan Huan Huan

Liu Li Ying feng Lu, comprehensive  /  parents laugh wedding

should be about enjoying the feeling  /  live the thin seat West East

bowed to the party guests to the  /  ear Yao Wen CAI Feng Ming

both ways you give driving  /  Southeast of praise I pour bottles

ladies usher Peng added splendor  /  guests here, the modern world lauds them times Sun

Yan Xizhong ya kin smell like rain  /  sleigh holding this passionate sisters into the cloud

Tong de concentric Chamber, zixi early acquaintance  /  Gakuo original old Romance Hall

Acacia-Kai partner  /  a new knot in-laws

wedding shoes near the new year welcoming pepper wine  /  original early marriage kentang daughter-in-law soup

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