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Six get to "Kiss" technique

If you think a kiss is just a very simple thing, nothing to learn? That's completely false, kissing alone has a lot of skill to learn, like the road to warm the engine before, kissing the depth, technology, degree of passion are all factors that influence the perfect sex. &Nbsp;

a nice kiss memorable, passionate kiss awkward, kissing is like a mutual exchange of relationships between the sexes password, also attract each other like magnets, it communicates the message of love and desire merged, and passionate kiss is the best erotic foreplay.   Longed to be a sex master? Then try with a teasing tongue to explore erotic highs with kisses, to express your endless enthusiasm, quickly learn the following 6 great kissing tips, sex and love you can climb to the top of the Rainbow!

1, good fresh tone: kissing have to do preparatory work before, and this is a respect for each other, if environmental or time permitting, brush your teeth or use mouthwash is necessary, if all of a sudden no time to prepare, then at least to chew a piece of gum or a refreshing cup of throat candy fresh good tone is to kiss the first step to success.

2, with tongue slightly tempted before: you must first learn to test with his tongue, mouth slightly open, gently into the other person's lips with her tongue, lips gently touch each other, licking or sucking tender expression of their love.

3, using his tongue to tease desire: gently with my tongue to each other's lips and tongue send flirt flirting signals, not too urgent, slow, gentle, loving to let each other know your wants and needs.

4, to flirt with rhythm: Kiss should also pay attention to rhythm, you can begin with a slow tempo and gradually strengthen the rhythm, to a fast-paced, he entered a passionate kiss, then returned to a slow rhythm, fast, slow, there are strong, have a weak grasp of different rhythms, more able to tease out the heated passions on both sides.

5, with physical contact: drunkenly kissing, don't ignore physical contact is very important, to tightly close to when the kissing each other's bodies, and hands to touch, gentle and warm and intimate physical contact can kiss warming index.

6, usage-kissing increased strength: the highest skills belong to illegal Kiss Kiss, sex experts apparently could not miss this. Method is more skill on the tongue, gently into each other's mouth with her tongue, and then use the search from lip, tongue licking touching each other's tongues, lips, let your tongues in each other's mouth and his tongue in and out, like this warm tongue, would detonate the infinite passion of both.

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