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Before marriage to create the perfect s-shaped curved shape

Don't assume that the body pure before marriage is to lose weight, in fact also include upgrading the lines, tight muscles in the chest contours, hip, correcting bad posture, and much more, you really become a graceful bride.

cultivation of s-shaped curves cannot be resolved overnight, but through strength training, also can let you reap enviable shape. We develop for you body before marriage 5 steps.

thin waist lose excess fat

1. pick up books to pick up small waist: sits in the middle of the Chair, chest upright, fantasy, there are two books on the floor on either side of the Chair, do pick up book body lateral bending, down slowly, slowly up again. Repeat 10 times on each side. Keep "active ABS".

2. sit-ups flat abdomen: do 50 sit-ups every day is very effective. More critical is working, shopping, bus ... ... All the time to keep your belly "strained", so without great effort, to bear fruit.

3. slimming products shaping curves: choose waist fat weight-loss products, combined with massage, quickly eliminate localized fat and eliminate body waste, tightening the skin. Natural sexy waist.

plump breast chest

1. massage make breasts more full massage or acupuncture can stimulate the glands and endocrine, orders the pituitary gland to release hormones, breast cells can be activated to promote breast growth. And drainage of the blood to the chest, conveys nutrients to the breast, can receive breast enhancement effect. Can acupuncture breast specialty hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. When at home, in a Tan can also massage the breasts points, day of the Central depression of scapula points, below the little finger nail Ze points less on the outside, can be achieved using breast enhancement purposes.

2. the use of water to enhance breasts: a bath, turn the temperature down to 40. About c, not too hot, or sagging skin. Nozzle on the breast by the next rush, currents can be strong, left-right alternating each minute, or boil down, in a circular direction around massaging the breasts, lifting chest.

hips lifting hip profile

hips exercise can be divided into 5 easy steps, also need to practice every day.

1. get down, hands folded under his chin. Separate your legs and waist with wide, knees bent at a 90-degree angle. One leg bent at a 90-degree angle up when she's up and then Exchange it for another one of his legs. About Exchange 30 times slowly.

2. lie on your back, waist and legs apart. Both hands under his head, breathe in and out at the same time the hips, raising the waist as possible. While your Chin to see belly best, take 30 times.

3. go down on one knee, legs stretched out. Feet off the ground as much as possible the hips, the leg parallel to the floor. Hold for 3 seconds. Do 20 times on each leg.

4. the details of daily life, tight hips, consciously backwards on one leg up.

5. separate your legs and upper body straight. Out of body tilt left or right.

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