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Makes your skin revealing fascinating at the wedding of gloss

Due to the shift in mood, the heavy pressure before the wedding, seasonal changes, improper use of maintenance, and many other reasons, resulting in skin prone to sensitive bride, skin resilience and resistance is decreased, redness, peeling or itching, redness and other adverse conditions. For fragile skin of the bride before marriage not only to replenish the moisture needed, outside of sensitive skin enhancing maintenance and to repair the skin physiological balance.

1. 1~2 week intensive maintenance

before you go to sleep at night, after cleansing the skin thoroughly, intensive moisturizing care for 1-2 week. Every two or three days using a moisturizing mask with high enough once, for a worse position can also massage secondary, and in line with the intake of vitamin c, helps the skin recover as soon as possible.

2.  moderate Exfoliating

Exfoliating will bring many benefits to the skin, to give it a try. But pay attention to choose soft products, at the same time strengthen the cuticle repair, frequent removal of horny skin will be sensitive. Use vitamin e skin care products, can gather the stratum corneum of the skin and help exfoliate your skin to repair its water resistant screen wall to prevent evaporation of moisture within the skin and the cuticle, after the fall of the night, fully maintained.


3.  skin

used to supplement energy products improving cell vitality accelerates metabolism, and dredge the lymphatic system and has detoxifying effects of products will affect the colour of the pigment melanin in the body are eliminated from the body. Of course, the alternative products as well as energy formula to promote the skin's metabolism, and is rich in nourishing ingredients, and conducive to the absorption.

4.  exclude skin toxins

     once the skin has absorbed too much due to improper maintenance of the harmful chemical ingredients, for a long time, you need to do the skin Detox work. In addition to using based skin care products with detoxifying functions other than detoxifying purifying mask, deep cleansing massage cream will help to clear skin toxins, and plenty of water is the only way to help the body detoxify principle.

5.  has sedative effect repair skin care ingredients

as with liquorice, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, oat and other ingredients as well as sesame oil contains linoleic acid skin care products, you can repair cells, strengthen skin repair. Some compositions with resistance to oxidation and free radicals to protect cuticles, avoiding the cuticle oxidation, antioxidant plant compounds with grape seed, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, bio-flavonoids, etc.

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