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You cannot resist the marriage proposal

1, the Moonlight Sonata

love between men and women looked up at the Moon in the sky, "the Moon is gorgeous! "The woman said with envy, men love to ask:" do you like it? I picked for you. "Shadows of men without jumping into the pool.

intense waves suddenly make out in a shiny thing is man holding a dazzling diamond ring. Blooming, radiant smile on the face of the woman wearing a diamond ring, two people embracing in the bright moonlight passion. A deep Narrator sounded: "for you, everything is possible! ”。

the World Diamond Authority DTC recently filmed "wedding ring" advertising story, plough the air, remove is the eternal light of the diamond ring on her finger, daring novel, was a surprise to look outside.

alternative method: take your loved one to the beach, swimming pool, changing swimsuit you both looking to play this "Moonlight Sonata".

2, book teaser

this day is a special day you two memorable, you gave her a special present, a book filled with emotion to her diary, bits and pieces recorded between the two of you (such as poorly written, copied several of the poems also available). Qiao is on the last page, stick the ring in pouches on the diary page, with beautiful fonts and pictures marked with "I love you, marry me! ”

alternative law journal can be transformed into any romantic books, such as music, poetry, magazines, don't be a economic theory makes her confused.

3, deep dish

ask her to a romantic candlelight dinner, can you elaborate homes, or elegant little restaurant, satiated after the meal on the dot when you design program played, then served up a cover dish with a lid is especially made for her, she would personally open, Wow! Sparkling is a diamond ring, under pressure with a note: "Let us have dinner each day! ”

alternative method: dishes can be turned into cocktail ring placed flowers on pedicels that are considerable.

4, treasure hunt

design a treasure hunt, treasure hunt process manufacturing a variety of romantic surprise, as she played with dolls as a child, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and eventually when she found a diamond ring, and she will be issued a general sigh when you no longer need to hesitate, though stepped forward to express your passion.

alternative method: in a small game as her diamond jewellery prizes on her.

5, love lucky star

millions love her reason to write on the paper, fold into a lucky star, fill a glass bottle and give it to her. After finding all kinds of free reading with her in your written reasons for love, one day, like you expect them to find the one that your promises of love-wedding ring of stars, in front of her open, say what you want to say, her will think you're awesome!

alternative method 1: glass bottle kept by the girlfriend, you can add a point or two words every now and then. And when you put extraordinary star, pay attention to timing.

alternative method 2: take advantage of your girlfriend and communication medium, such as mailboxes, etc.

6, sea whisper

beautiful romantic sea creatures pass your vows of love is a way of most romantic beautiful surroundings, Moonlight by the sea when the spread, you can put the wedding ring in exquisite shells by local Aboriginal children had given her, she will be touched by the romantic feelings for you.

alternative method 1: in the snowy mountains, you can rub ring in a snowball.

alternative method 2: in a stream, with boats carrying sparkling diamond ring to your sweetheart.

alternative method 3: bold, for never had she installed fish fishing rod, and she caught of course is the one installed in the packaging of a diamond ring.

alternative method 4: have the custom of floating Lotus lanterns in ancient China, and XI in the elegance of the Orchid Pavilion liushang Shui, water and only romantic thing is so apt.

swimming pool floating on the water tray jewellery box containing a diamond ring, two flower box side as on the distribution is even more of a beauty. Pallet slowly swaying in the water like hearts love flickering brilliance.

7, romantic getaway

with her holiday, in a lighthearted mood, looking for opportunities:

-such as a tree picking fruit, Pluck is a was delighted by her diamond ring,

-Pick wild flowers or strawberries in the diamond ring,

-prepare a picnic, attended Penn, a bouquet of flowers and a hidden diamond in the napkin.

8, the candlelight tribute

set up in front of her swing-mean candle pattern, flames and enjoy with her, finally, offer the diamond ring candle.

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