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Wedding a beautiful and tender skin

As the wedding date of gradual, brides are in the desired time will slow down and retain "Lolita" a rosy glow. But their skin is encountering problems.  

bridal skin puzzles

environment: from morning to night, the bride's skin is not only surrounded by dust, combined with computer radiation and erosion of secondhand smoke, color dark sink shiny.

Sun signs: the arrival of summer, redness of the cheeks and cheekbones sunburns are running out to make trouble.

hard erosion: premarital preparation for fatigue, worked overtime, and was surrounded by redness and swelling of the eyelids and blue black eyes eyes, like a little Panda.

physiological disruption: Jingan slow or is experiencing uncomfortable for a few days, pigmentation and facial acne alert-like bride upset.

these annoying problems may seem complicated, in fact the bride before the wedding early select a "membrane" accompanied by love, and conquer the skin problems of interference, can have amazing snow.

diamonds brighten "film" Huan love

love leads: deep cleansing mask with soothing mask

aphrodisiac ingredients: green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin b, vitamin e, carbohydrate derivatives

1  deep cleansing mask

skin daily exposure to dirt and makeup for brides and their secretion. Selection of cohesive soil pores of the mask against the oil and the pigmentation is effectively, can make your skin clean again, was no longer blocked by pores, rich essence of natural mineral and organic substances, can be used as skin tightening and anti-inflammatory effect and absorb dirt in the pores completely.

aphrodisiac ingredients: green tea extract, soy extract, a natural amino acid, hyaluronic acid, activated carbon,

wake up 2  soothing mask

Meanwhile, the bride meet some soothing moisturizer, or has a calm mask of conditioning, through its fresh texture, skin soothing feel immediately, but also help rebuild skin protective barrier, damage repair of the external environment and pressure on the skin.

for brides: your wedding, and hands-on bothered brides

the use of frequency: deep clean once a week 1-2 at the same time soothing renew steps for 3-7 days

present time: the bride usually 1-2 weeks later, with natural shiny silky skin.

guests told:

any mask should be used after thoroughly cleansing the skin, which also includes a deep cleansing mask.

application of soothing mask up might have skin allergic reactions, should be behind my ear before taking a test.

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