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War service wedding price marriage next year, or a much higher pay

Ring up just not fall, photography prices last year rose by nearly half, emcee appearance fees have risen year by year ... ... Industry insiders said, is affected by multiple factors, the wedding market is rising year by year, next year may have to pay for the wedding.


wedding banquet price high or bad book


"wedding market is now very good hotel not to worry about tourists. "Good friend Felicity Hotel officials said, their wedding prices are more than 1500 Yuan, and wedding season before June next year has been booked. In this exhibition to book wedding couple can enjoy preferential exemption from 5% service charge, "it's very impressive, has never had before."


reporter then interview has more than Hotel Hou found, Jinan urban within, four star above hotel of married banquet price basic are in each table 1600 Yuan above, as Springs big hotel and Hanlin big hotel each table are for 1888 Yuan, shungeng Hillview Villa each table for 1988 Yuan, fin Palace more is each table price in 2088 Yuan above, and the hotel are added received 10% of service fee, are said 2012 first half of of married banquet has set full.


a four star hotel official said that taking into account factors such as rising prices next year, hotel wedding book prices have been pushed up. "Wedding of the year 1288 book price, if you book a wedding next year now, prices would rise to 1588. Late booking, are expected to rise by 300 yuan. "Yu Quan Morinobu huangtai hotel, hotels also said, this year's banquet last year, up 200 Yuan to 300 yuan, surely higher prices next year.


MC, video appearance fees and higher


in an interview, wedding exhibitors said, according to the current market, a similar wedding next year may take half of the money. Jinan City wedding Association recently presented survey 2010 9 October wedding services in Jinan City "pay line" (industry standard) for 32,000 yuan, and rose to 4.06 million yuan in the same period this year.


"the master of ceremonies, and supervisors and wedding planning costs last year rose by an average of nearly 40%. "Jinan Hui wedding planners charge Jiao Hai told reporters that success or failure depends to a large extent, master of ceremonies of the wedding's play, and a good MC's appearance fees from thousands of Yuan in 2008 has increased to more than 2000 Yuan, individual Gold Medal ceremonies even more than 5000 Yuan, about appearance fee for next year is expected to rise to 20%.


this reporter has learned to ensure supervisors with zero errors in the past two years the process of wedding wedding market emerging in Jinan. In 2009, the supervisors of the appearance fee was only about 200 Yuan, this year the price had risen to 800 Yuan. "Up the best of still photography and video. "Wedding 365 says Li Xiaowei, head, photography, camera fee rose by nearly half from last year, estimates will be increased next year.


diamond ring, wedding candy prices did not discuss


Kimberley diamond Jinan branch marketing manager Zuo Shiwen, told reporters that nearly ten years, as the diamond jewelry has been widely accepted, the "love eternal" meaning for the couple are keen to buy a diamond ring, and, in the opinion of many, diamond rings as well as value feature also applies to investment. Diamond prices are increasing.


as he understood it, this year's diamond market prices last year rose by 40% by weight for 10 minutes with the quality of small diamonds, for example, price 5000 Yuan last year, and this year has risen to more than 8,000 yuan, and with the quality of the 1-Carat Diamond sells for about 360,000 Yuan last year, can sell for more than 500,000 yuan this year. Kimberley this year 30% per cent rise in sales in the first three quarters of last year, sales of all stores also were 10% higher than last year.


candy was also evident in price rises. During the show, well married happy boss Guo Lanmin told reporters that under the influence of higher sugar prices have been in nearly two years, candy, especially chocolate retail prices rise sharply. For example, Dove chocolate in bulk last year sold for about 80 yuan per kilogram, has risen to nearly 100 this year. Seen from the current raw material prices continued to rise, candy prices next year is expected to rise.


war service the price of wedding


in an interview, wedding show exhibitor said, generation new increasing demand for the wedding, as well as the pursuit of personal and professional, "make service" became the wedding business is based on the market's "magic".


"new people more and more picky. "Urban beauty photographers say, simple wedding a few years ago, customers of" obedient ", and nearly two years new people's increasing demand for the service. "Basically half a year to update camera lens, photography prices will rise, but the service was good, new people can accept."


Jinan Hui wedding planner Li Yan told reporters that now new people are emphasizing individuality requires wedding special, which gave them a great challenge. "Often after one month of contact and communication to plan a for the couple to the satisfaction of the wedding. "Li Yan said that compared to two years ago and a plan to spend more manpower and material resources, service charges will increase year by year.


Zuo Shiwen also said that in order to attract new people, they launched a lifetime free replacement of equivalent new diamond premium services, and can change at any time free ring size, only by the depreciation cost is responsible for. These services, obviously it will be reflected in the price.


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