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"Ten gold and nine silver" wedding season wedding economic boost

"Gold and nine silver cross" is the traditional high season for weddings, many couples choose this time walking into the Wedding Hall, makes the hotel hosted many weddings, wedding, wedding dress rental Photo Studio, wedding candy shops and other wedding-related economy really fire up a. Especially this year, when both the number of new, or in wedding spending is not a little upgrading, making Zhangjiakou heating of the whole wedding market.


hotels full for reservations   price fluctuation range


another wedding season, it is understood that from the beginning of September until now, Wedding couples has increased a lot, County, Zhangjiakou City, many hotels also lends this fervor make a killing.


"' Golden nine silver ten ' is a high season for weddings, our hotel almost a week more than half his time in weddings, 1 time more times than usual, sometimes two or three couples weddings in a day. "Blue whales building, staff members said.


Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and the "11" long vacation is to promote ' gold and nine silver ten ' become the main factors of wedding season, clusters wedding boom emerges. A hotel official said that "from the beginning to my new book your wedding has been increasing, weddings by mid-September most of the time ' or ' 11 '. If you now want to hold a wedding must be booked six months in advance, especially since some days, book people get together, the hotel was busy. Sometimes even pushed away some customers, last-ditch move. ”


Xinhua also learned, although it is high season for weddings, but the hotel wedding prices overall rise is unlikely. Yijun told reporters GE Jian Guo Road, now wedding prices slightly increased compared to last year, but overall did not fluctuate. The hotel also launched different packages for customers to choose, select the newcomers up to about 700 Yuan package, price is appropriate, wedding Organizer is satisfied with the booze.


wedding business   features consumption boom


now wedding is run splendidly and ultimately the wedding company package and appealing, more and more "$literal" young people to focus more on fashion, personalized wedding to be unconventional. Since September this year, the city's wedding business is exactly the same with the hotel, significant increase in the volume of business, presents season more features.


reporter found that city more than the wedding company "gold and nine silver cross" is as busy as a bee, some wedding companies as early as a few months ago, orders received during the national day holiday, business over-scheduled. Owner of China wedding company Liu told reporters, wedding orders for September and October this year compared with last year, more than twice times, some of the important dates have been booked up. If the couple needed some special conditions, such as the excellent wedding host, good car, you need to make an appointment for six months or even a year or so in advance, band, team, video, wedding, need to book in advance. On the grade of the wedding, wedding car type increase, wedding ideas, increase or upgrade on the wedding market, 4000-5000 was welcomed by the majority of generation new service packages, they spend a memorable and romantic wedding was worth it.


Ms Liu said: "wedding of the year on the number of newcomers has increased significantly in the past, every company has intention to caters for weddings, you have 2-3, which almost 1 time times higher than last year, the reasons may be linked to next year's Lunar New year of the Dragon, Dragon baby. ”

Studio business was booming   style feature


wedding photos, is the essential link in the marriage. Annual spring and autumn is the prime time for their wedding photos, in order to be able to catch up with this kind of prime time, many couples booked several months in advance. Reporters learned the wedding photo studio in the city market, various appointments in the wedding photo studio shoot the wedding couples is increasing day by day, in particular the recent appointment of 6-7 to every day, nearly 3 times more than in the past.


not only that, the Studio making concessions this year, innovative card to attract more customers. Reporters in a photo studio in shengli North Road, come to the consultation, an endless stream of customers placing an order. One staff member said, in early October, wedding photos looked more up, with view in autumn and winter, there are many trendy elements. For now, the weather is cool in our city, to Beijing and some surrounding areas accounted for most of the shooting, these couples to get married early next year, 5 June of this year to make an appointment "11" during filming shooting tasks now have an appointment until next year. But prices also rose slightly from last year, selecting features within the 1880-2880 style wedding dress looked some more. In order to attract more customers, Photo Studio also played the wedding gifts wedding, more people buy photos to send personal photo promotions, which are favored by the newcomers.


to attract customers, Photo Studio also introduced a new wedding theme, Singapore-style, Korean style, the campus revolution, lovers, a wide range of wedding dresses topics for new people to choose, to meet different customer needs. Book wedding of the couple said they plan to get married in February next year, now rushing to wedding photos. To store the current diversity of style, as a generation, they're more like unique wedding photos, uniforms, lovers have been selected as the main set, the different styles in the store is catered to their minds, but because of the old home has requested, there is going to make a traditional wedding.


candy shop riding the wedding business fire price rises


October wedding season, take this candy shop business boom fired up, and prices are rising. Several candy store in our city staff, into October, some sweet made an appointment in advance, business is booming. Their orders to manufacturers, packaging must be time to package more attractive, more affordable, at least 2-3 months advanced booking is required. Such as Golden Monkey, Dove and other brand-name candy orders are routed to the in December.


a candy store staff briefed reporters September candy sales usually rose nearly 30%, and the price is floating around 10%. Confectionery prices rose largely due to the recent peanut, sugar, raw material and labor costs rose, candy from the wholesale link prices all the way from the start. Good neighbor a toffee, for example, price is 14/kg in the past, has now risen to 15.6 Yuan/kg, but due to "11" new cluster married price increases did not affect sales of candy.


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