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Wedding photography deposit extremely 20% consumers can refuse to

September or October and crisp, is suitable for new people to go out for their wedding photos, this time, Studio is promotions, and customers are doing good business. However, with the coming of peak of marriage, related complaints are rising, 12315, according to city statistics show that since the beginning of September to October period, received 12 complaints relating to wedding photography. Complaints arising from unclear contract disputes and end-consumers to want a refund and the Studio is not refundable. Here, the city's industrial and commercial departments to remind people, in front of the wedding photos, be sure to shop on verbal commitments into written contracts, in addition, request advance payment of the deposit exceed the contract price of the 20%, in accordance with relevant regulations, consumers can refuse to pay.


wedding photography industry "overbearing clause"


couples hurt


recently, the mussel Bureau for industry and Commerce City Commerce and industry of ganyu County more than more than 10 Studio "reservation form" contracts were examined and found near 90% Studio there "advance deposit is not refundable", "photo date don't take, losses shall not be liable for lost" "all our reserves the right of final interpretation" and "overbearing clause". Ordered the Studio within corrections, law enforcement officials also said that many consumer disputes, all because of these "overbearing clause" causes.


on as consumers Zhang Miss, in pre make has 1550 Yuan of deposit set Xia price for 7550 Yuan of wedding package Hou, only learned that the Studio on 1 floor a row style novel, and beautiful of new wedding provides has paid using, and had commitment free of those wedding, not style obsolete is too old too dirty, Zhang Miss angry has, requirements returned deposit, can Studio aspects said, according to contract provides, deposit make has on not returned has. Eventually, under the mediation of the business sector, Ms Zhang got 1550 Yuan.


12315, statistics show that, from September to early October, received 12 complaints relating to wedding photography. Of these complaints, mostly because of the contract caused by prior agreement is unknown, some consumers at the time of booking the wedding package, only signed the contract with businesses through oral agreement, and pay deposit only to find, many businesses promised gifts or free items will be charged.


to check details of the contract, the deposit to pay less


exceed the total price 20% is refused


industrial and commercial departments to remind people ready to shoot the wedding of new, at the time of booking the wedding packages can not blindly listen to business commitments, and to translate their commitments into written contracts. In addition, to wedding photos wear gowns when additional charges, extra samples: copyright, photo frame size, material, whether to include location, wedding day wedding free offers, as well as breach of contract, such as joint implementation in the contract.


of course, there is deposit prepaid issue, many studios want to make consumers pay a deposit, and some even offered to pay the full amount will receive the appropriate discount or bonus concessions, as everyone knows, the deposit, the more, the greater the risk for consumers. Commerce Department said that in accordance with the legal provisions of the State and 20% of the deposit shall not exceed the total contract amount, if the merchant in advance of an amount exceeding the limit, consumers have the right to refuse delivery. And, if this business caused the breach, businesses should be returning double the deposit to the consumer.


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