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Cancel the wedding master of ceremonies didn't pay the Commission rules for the prosecution

Tai Fei Cheng Xiao Liu in a wedding ceremony, wedding presided over May this year, she was ready to cancel, did not get the wedding company agreed 300 yuan, therefore she thought it "broke the rules", decided to sue each other.


Liu said that to go it alone and not part of any wedding, and once the wedding company with their next single, the agreement of the parties should abide by, regardless of whether the wedding held, wedding company have to pay for yourself.


but in May, she reached an agreement with the wedding company, to celebrate a wedding, did not think that the wedding is off, Liu 300 yuan remuneration did not get their hands on.


in Liu's eyes, he had turned down a lot of list specifically to do this Chair, and results because the wedding cancelled, your own remuneration, which is contrary to the rules, so she decided to bring a wedding company.


in this regard, the wedding said the head of the company, there is no such rule, and his own loss of who to pay? In his eyes, the rules should have difficulty with when is sharing, both suffered losses, Liu without compensation.


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