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Wedding cost rises push heat Shenyang new pawn

In recent years, with rising cost of marriage, mortgage, find a wedding ring in the eyes of these people, such as non-conventional mortgage business is in Shenyang, Liaoning province, new people in this new way to relieve the pressure of high wedding costs.


meaning "to let", "to" 16, 18th is the Mainland newcomers get together wedding day, 16th in a pawnshop, Heping District, Shenyang city, learned recently to go to this shop couples had as many as 11 of the pawn business.


the pawnshop owner Wang Bingren told reporters that pawn RV business for the purpose of marriage in the past are extremely rare, but starting from May this year. He said that pressing is a pawn of special properties, a small apartment house can loan 10 to 150,000, enough to meet requirements such as wedding, honeymoon.


a pair of couples undergoing housing mortgage business when, as the car that seems risky, when actually received enough money during the term of the pawn House and car to redeem.


reporter interviews a number of pawnshops and found, than the pawn car is more favored by the new Tao jewelry. It is understood that the gold and silver, diamond, Emerald and jade, upscale couple absolutely when the product has become a pawn of the market transaction, such as a table of "regulars".


as far as I know, fails to redeem the mortgaged goods referred to must, when goods, pawnshops can be proprietary sales. According to the sales personnel at the front desk of a local pawnshop, because it is "used" items, most definitely when product prices to be lower than the market price.


bought a new diamond ring cost 8000 Yuan Zhang told reporters, this diamond market price of around 15,000 yuan and be able to market at half the price of buying it to hand, indeed, save on wedding costs. They married did not agree to everything is "new" is, just like it.


insiders said, as the "new pawn" heats up, mortgage market may be on the premise of not touching the new bottom-line and improve lending standards, up there when the sale price to obtain greater benefit.


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