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National Museum of private wedding rental fee of 250,000

Yesterday, the public revelation saying, the National Museum of China, 5/f, private wedding. Reporter visits, staff say, hiring cost is 250,000 yuan. In this regard, the National Museum officials say, marriage the groom and the bride are the Museum's staff, there is no market operations costs.


"the audience into" the Bo 5


public explosive material, said yesterday at the National Museum 5 layers (top level) wedding. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the National Museum Hall, many staff members said they did not know about wedding, "National Museum of only 4 and not 5. "The Museum displayed more the elevator is at the very top 4 floors. Most say, the Museum is used for exhibitions, "am I going to weddings? ”


a staff member from the Central Hall to see reporters ask 5-story location, asking reporters what to do. Heard reporters say "wedding", the staff points to the Central Hall leading to the South building a sightseeing elevator channel. The elevator door and just two people waiting for the elevator, and see someone come forward, said: "the audience here. "The elevator directly to the 5-story, elevator door without wedding cards introduced.


"rental fee of 250,000 service charge not included"


sightseeing elevator staff said, 5 layer wedding, "had never held before (wedding), it was the first time. "Exports of 5-story elevator, placed a photo of the bride and groom, next to the wedding reception table. Behind is a hall filled with dozens of tables, many staff members are busy preparing dinner.


several men dressed in suits ask journalists what to do. According to a museum staff member said, 5 floors dedicated to the Museum opening party, fix a few months ago. Here this is the first time weddings, costing 250,000 yuan, service charges to another, "about three or four hours, anyway, sure enough. ”


the staff member said, if you want to organize wedding, you need to contact with venues in the Museum offices, "available online".


yesterday, could not be found on the official Web site-related numbers.


workers repeatedly applied for wedding


official website, is based on history and the National Museum of art, collection of collections, exhibitions, research, archaeology, public education and cultural exchange in the integrated Museum. There is no "party" features.


yesterday, the National Museum official said of marriage the groom and the bride are the Museum's staff, like the cultural atmosphere of the Museum, has repeatedly applied to the Museum, organizing a wedding at their place of work. Wedding scene are just friends and relatives together, no wedding to attend, there is no market operations costs.




Bo ban controversial private wedding


many people have said, at the National Museum of the private wedding ceremony is not suitable. But there are people that, so that people have the opportunity to wed in the National Museum, it can be considered a "people first" approach, as long as it doesn't affect the normal exhibition, does not make much difference.


National School of administration, said Wang Yukai, a Professor, both Museum employees, outsiders also use the Museum to hold the wedding, is not appropriate. Because the Museum as a public place, like hotels, restaurants, can spend the whole venue will be married to individuals in public places, this is clearly inappropriate.


one of the experts said on condition of anonymity, on behalf of the National Museum is a national image, whether it is a personal wedding, or inside the Museum staff's wedding, which is not allowed. National museums should refuse business practices. In addition, charges how to use of the National Museum are also worth paying attention to.


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