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Wedding photography industry in Hainan relies on the network LAN field

Early 90 's of the last century, dragons and other wedding photography building appears in Haikou, opened the prelude of the wedding photography industry in Hainan. As the capital of Hainan, Haikou had gathered in the large Studio, competition is particularly fierce. Destined for Sanya ocean view wedding photography market, started in the beginning of this century, after the 2004 singing all the way. Relevant data show that 2004 Sanya is only more than more than 10 photographic agency, until 2008 had increased to more than 110 companies, now has more than 200, the pace of development of its industry, far more than other tourism industries in Hainan and its extension.


come to Hainan for their wedding photos overseas netizens said that wedding in the most romantic place to choose, of course, Hainan is the one that stands for "forever" where blue sky, walking on the soft golden sand, and wife enjoy coconut haiyun, really romantic fascinated people. Most importantly, Hainan is ideal place to honeymoon. Wedding and honeymoon at the same place, you can save a lot of things.


hidden potentials of the wedding industry


construction of a series of international tourism in Hainan Island, especially tax policy introduced, was cause for concern, but, if you are the one 2 ' hit, Wang Wedding effect, but raised in Hainan tourism boom. In such circumstances, how to seize the opportunity of the wedding photography industry in Hainan Province, received more broad development prospects?


100T longpeng Group Executive Director in the wedding photography industry says, "we are also exploring, by focusing on product planning, through consolidation, theme activities, increase network promotion, the use of event marketing and other means, efforts to build bridges for visitors, providing services and realize value. ”


according to the analysis, in recent years, the growing number of newcomers to Hainan for their wedding photos. Hainan several Studio heads have said that customers in the growing proportion of newcomers in the field, Hainan wedding market has unlimited potential.


opportunities and challenges


opportunities and challenges exist side by side. Has a unique natural beauty, bridal market in Hainan is not singing all the way. Practitioners said that Sanya wedding dress market becomes more competitive, price pressure more and more competitive, low price, low price, buy difficult to guarantee the quality of service. Chaotic competition caused serious loss of human.


also, due to the small local population in Hainan, the source is a problem facing the studios, to get off the island market, using network developed into the consensus. Analysis of the industry, to rely on the network, first to build a good network sales team. Sanya, a Director of photography wedding photography sound said, "we are a very small Studio, profits are low. But I know the importance of Internet marketing, the Studio is not on a network to promote business, relying only on a few friends, not reality. ”


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