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Wedding e-commerce booming D8 purge marriage business

Merchants: wedding e-commerce market booming


married, according to the China industry development report shows, wedding industry average annual size of more than 800 billion yuan, China. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of China's Internet and e-commerce, wedding market has shown a good momentum of development of the e-commerce process. According to press reports, in the last three months alone, the industry leading brand D8 mission network marriage ( for its partners to more than 10 million yuan in sales, many businesses at home, can make a full fist.


new to worry about: worried and confused much of the wedding shopping


in the wedding behind the buying boom, has hidden many consumer concerns. To this end, the journalists visited some consumers in wait-and-see, they think wedding net purchase price is very competitive on the one hand, many problems still cannot put to the other side, very tangled. Such as: quality and service will discounting? Buy price is favorable, but whether they lurk more later consumption? Not satisfied with filming, businesses can you remake it? Encountered dishonest merchants, many hidden consumption or forced consumption, how can we safeguard their lawful rights and interests?


milestone: D8 pioneered the marriage a "commitment letter" system


consumers of these doubts, perhaps most coupon sites is not well resolved. But, "road is people go out of", according to reporter survey compared, as China leading of wedding service and professional photography buy platform,  D8 married mission network ( on do has has milestone meaning of attempts to: for from consumers of worries, and Chang enjoy affordable of buy service, the network special requirements its cooperation businesses on service content made commitment, to ensure its service quality.


Flip strike: punish the 400 businesses   dishonest behavior out in the end


according to reporters further investigations, D8 wedding network ( in addition to the undertaking of protection, consumers were also detailed customer and come back to work. The site to induce consumers to spend money in shops directly, real service and buy packages do not meet, there are hidden or mandatory spending, service attitude and quality of unqualified and so on a series of bad faith, no quality businesses, immediate and unconditional cessation of all purchase, enter "credit blacklist" warning of harsh penalties to all consumers, not appeasement. At present, such disciplinary position, completely on the consumer e-commerce platform, opens its first wedding online shopping industry it is in.


concluding recommendations:   choose trustworthy online brands


online shopping is something new in recent years, its explosive growth can be achieved in a short time, with concessions, convenient, relaxing natural advantages are not unrelated. However, as traditional industries, the online shopping industry can be divided into "brand" and "Cottage". Compare if the consumer does not make the mistake of "shanzhai" as "brands", inevitably risks. In addition, even in the brand wedding group-buying website, journalists also suggest that you spend 5 minutes time, comparing different sets of systems of this kind, who is of good quality, and who value high, whose package is not cost-effective, natural eye that is out. "Have no fear of not knowing much about, afraid of goods than the goods" truth, even through to today, are still applicable.

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