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19th Shiyan wedding etiquette industry Chamber of Commerce

On October 19, the wedding ceremony in Shiyan City Chamber of Commerce in Wudang International Park was established.


according to reports, the Shiyan city, at present, the total size of wedding etiquette company more than more than 80 urban more than more than 50 of them, the wedding industry employing thousands of people, an annual output value of about 20 million Yuan. For a long time, wedding company in Shiyan city on their own, did not form a unified industry norms and regulations, service also produced a number of disputes. City Chamber of Commerce Vice President wedding etiquette industry Lv Entao told reporters that the Chamber of Commerce after the founding of the technical training of practitioners, development of industry standards, wedding etiquette company to provide more quality services to the public and promote the healthy development of the industry.


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