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Tianjin standard wedding wedding service in the singular

Learnt from the Municipal Association of wedding service industries, the city is preparing the wedding etiquette celebration service quality standards will be introduced next month. The wedding service standards for regulating every detail of the wedding, could give the new people "happy moments" to provide better protection. In the process of preparing, municipal Association of wedding service industries also sought the views of the public, at a recent Conference on the exchange of public marriages later, master of ceremonies was shuttled, makeup artist recommendations for the makeup test, which will be within the specifications of the standard.


speaking at the Forum, participants were mostly just married or getting married couple. They should do a wedding is how much money, all service charges should have put forward their views on issues such as clear criteria. One response to "ordinary": "our wedding was in September this year. Wedding cars in road traffic accidents, resulting in wedding night for a whole hour, master of ceremonies in order to catch the next game, on our wedding even more perfunctory, it was all over in less than 20 minutes. Compensation, the amount of compensation should be reflected in the standards. "New views on the State of the host the wedding fair," peak day of marriage, wedding host sometimes just four or five, no guarantee on time, quality not to mention, their services should be regulated. "In addition, a number of" bride "is proposed: when looking for a makeup artist, some do not provide trial makeup, can only look at the pictures to select, try makeup services should be provided.


, wedding services, President of the Association of Pan Shuhui told reporters that the consultation stage and receives hundreds of suggestions of the people. At present, has been identified and written in the standard, including: all weddings must be within the service area of the company published on the foreground of the service projects, service commitments, standards and supervision and complaint phone number etc; a wedding host in 4 hours, schedule date, shall be not more than two fields; make-up artist in front of the official service, should provide a test makeup services. Provision for wedding cars still being explored.


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