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Wedding day or being auctioned over 80% users against

Every year on August 8, September 9, October 10, is new in people's eyes "to no avail", have sharpened head into marriage halls on this auspicious day. Desire is good, but often asked many restaurants, it is hard to find a seat. Recent news, Beijing began a Web Hotel agent wedding "lucky day" auction.


yesterday, the Chengdu commercial daily news reporter learned from the wedding industry association President Wang Yiping, Sichuan province, this hotel banquet auction will probably appear in Chengdu.


Hotel maximum benefit?


Wang Yiping, said it was his understanding, field agents to "lucky day" as signs of the hotel wedding subject matter and wants to book a wedding couple on the Web for auction and auction, "it is the behavior of a market economy, to maximize the benefits of the hotel taken into account. ”


analysis on Wang Yiping, some hotels like reserve price set out 20 tables on August 8 2000 Yuan/table wedding, but then clients wanted to win on the same day 30 tables price is 3800 Yuan/table wedding, hotel, former economic interest obviously is not cheap. But because the contract first, bad back proposed requirements. "Third-party agent came forward to bid for ' Zodiac ' upgrade for hotels can be said to be a phenomenon. ”

the auction if there is a market at all? Chengdu business daily reporter learned that, in 2011 in the remaining three months, its weekend prime-time has to be booked in advance, over the weekend and evening as well. "Good hotel, good day really, really hot, your prices are in short supply. "Insiders said, who asked not to be named.


to enhance the profit of the auction results?


yesterday a wedding media company for nearly 20 years said that auction the possibility of principal-agent and the hotel is not large, "hotel rooms and meeting the main source of income is, if the day of the wedding day in case there is an important meeting, but prior use by bidding for wedding venues, worth. "For example, he said, a wedding the highest but more than 100,000 yuan, and more meeting room revenue will be hundreds of thousands of Yuan.


apricot restaurant Wanda Wang, said that the auction market has the final say, but earning about 80 million Yuan for catering enterprises, a good auction better price on sales will not have much of an upgrade, and even the good days, Prime-time wedding, isn't cost-effective for consumers are also questionable.


super 80% said against the auction


in this regard, the Chengdu business daily journalist yesterday joint network conducted a survey on this topic, about 94% of users said that they would not participate in the "lucky day" auction, the user object to the holding of auction 81.2%, 60% per cent of people think that it is necessary to hold the auction, only 10% per cent of people agree with, against the netizens said that this may cause unfairness.


Chengdu's old red hydrangea wedding company head Qiao Jian, told reporters yesterday, working for many years, has not been heard in Chengdu "wedding day" auction example, "but in the short term should not appear in Chengdu. ”


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