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Reproduction in love another wedding video popular

In recent days, somewhere in the Jiujiang University, girls sitting in the gallery and not far from the casual look of the boys suddenly, she immediately looked away, exposing the shy smile ... ... Do not think that this is in the film, this scene is a real scene that occurred years ago, through the camera and cameraman are restored they met and fell in love with the process, they hope to "reproduce" approach, take a different kind of "wedding memories".


nowadays, this unique wedding photography by Jiujiang city in hot pursuit of some new people. In addition to "reproduce" type camera, there are wedding essential MV is emerging.


"because of the camera means fresh, unique, and was quickly accepted the new people", creative photography rain Master Audio Studio introduced, beginning with some young people from the field back to Jiujiang married, found their shooting, hoping to make the same effect of wedding photography. Then broadcast on the couple's wedding, some of the new MV will be passed to a friend, also appeared on the Internet influence gradually increases.


in recent years, the pursuit of more and more young people creative, personalized. After many people saw their shooting, take the initiative to find them, more and more people know and love this fresh wedding photography.


However, there are some technical difficulties due to shooting, Jiujiang shot this short film Studio is not much. Million master introduced, shooting "stories reproduction" need has must of scene, and shooting MV only one-time through, cannot rehearsal, camera Division must in shortest of time capture to most wonderful of picture, to can shooting to enough of material, usually need equipped with two name camera Division; while, shooting of MV to reached professional of effect, in late clip processing Shang also need spent many of mind, usually making a MV need spent days of time.


because of this, production costs are also low. Master said that wedding video complete with elite version MV depending on the production, prices are between 1000 and 1800, and "reproduction" type camera in Beijing costs around 18000, Jiujiang, but because in the initial stage, their promotional prices are thousands of Yuan.


through their wedding MV filming, production, the picture beautiful music joy, the two complement each other. Some new people will own the MV online also won a lot of hits.


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