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Launched in November the wedding etiquette celebration of the industry standards of service quality

This year's "11" golden week peak of Tianjin went through marriage, this month's 15th, 16th, is a continuation of marriage boom after the long holiday, after this year's wedding season will end. But you may not have thought about, and next year's "the good life" are now booked. Wedding for a new and higher requirements, is preparing the wedding etiquette ceremony, Tianjin industry standards of service quality will be launched officially next month. This "standard" for various celebrations, especially weddings of various detail specifications, for next year ready for married couples, this is a "good news".


learned from the Tianjin Association of wedding service industries, the most in the first half of next year "fire" day is on April 22, the day the city's high-end hotels and wedding service agencies have been "overwhelmed". Later, "51" period, the "11", as well as August 8, September 9, and several days have been booked. The marriage market so hot, is an opportunity for the wedding service, but the wedding service quality requirements are also put forward higher standards, wedding etiquette ceremony, Tianjin City, service quality standards was enacted in order to standardize the wedding market. In order to be more practical and operable, this wedding service standards for a number of months of consultation process. Tianjin Association of wedding services in public to participate in the exchange of views was held recently, speaking at the Forum, all special wedding cars later, master of ceremonies was shuttled, makeup artist makeup test their proposals, and so on, these contents will be written this "standard".


at this meeting, participants were just married or getting married couples. They are particularly concerned about every part of the wedding. "Now, how much money do a wedding, all the fees should have clear public signs in the stores. "There is also a" ordinary "put forward their own ideas, they said:" we are the wedding held in September this year. Wedding cars in the road accident, has led to our wedding night for an entire hour, our wedding ceremonies in order to catch the next game against Pat, it was all over in less than 20 minutes. We feel that the car had a problem should be pay for, and the wedding bride on the way to change, the old man thought to be unlucky, so also should have a certain degree of mental compensation, these details in the ' standard ' should be reflected in. ”


new people are also more concerned about the wedding host, now presenter on the peak day of marriage is often the wedding fair, sometimes four or five a time not guaranteed, so should be in the "standard" MC stated in fair numbers. There are many "bride" is proposed: when I'm looking for a makeup artist, does not provide trial makeup, some even say it is "trade secret", can only look at the pictures to choose, however, to ensure that their consumer rights, should provide trial makeup.


wedding service industry Association Chairman Pan Shuhui, Tianjin City, said: "in the consultation phase, we have received hundreds of proposals, a number of special concern will be writing articles. Now have been identified including: all wedding companies in the service area of prominently placed the relevant license, service items, service commitments, standards and monitoring of complaints and so on. Wedding facilitator, trying not to catch, in 4 hours, arrange matches shall be not more than two. However, games that may enhance the service of charges. Makeup artist prior to the official service, should provide a test makeup, mainly in order to understand skin conditions, are allergic to cosmetics and so on. There are provisions relating to wedding cars, also is exploring this ' standard ' will be the first national ritual celebration of local standards, is expected to be launched officially next month, hope it can come to all newcomers of happiness wedding and a guaranteed weight. ”


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