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Day price thousands of bridal makeup artists "solo"

See also autumn wedding boom. Now hotel is location shooting at the wedding banquet, in a pair of good people behind can always see a mobile makeup box, jewelry box, keep makeup artist. For a newcomer, and find a full wedding day makeup makeup artist, ready for you to take care of the design, enjoy "star treatment" has become an increasingly common phenomenon.


with the popularization of makeup services, with the makeup price from just a few years ago when hundreds of Yuan, development in recent years, one thousand or two thousand or even three thousand or four thousand Yuan. The industry is how to price? How future development? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed several representative of a professional makeup artist in Hangzhou.


two thousand or three thousand are city public "cap"


Cheng Jieying of 8 years was a senior city makeup artist, graduated from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University image design, make-up artist Association of China. Now, she opened his own Studio in Hangzhou Wulin business district, provides with the makeup of the bride make-up service.


reporters learned today Hangzhou wedding day makeup prices generally range between 1000 to 2000 Yuan. And with the makeup throughout the day, like Cheng Jieying charges up to 1780. In Hangzhou, which is an acceptable to many white-collar workers with economic power prices, but not to the top.


"now except we this class separate opened work room received list of makeup Division, also some is in television, and performing arts company this class professional institutions long-term served of makeup Division, they also will every now and then to received some ' chat ', due to which many people to some celebrity of had makeup, and do had styling, itself in industry also has has must ' wrist son ', charges natural to high some, called price three thousand or four thousand Yuan also are people in; but for General people,, please such of ' Star makeup Division ' also compared less. ”


even if they do not lead, now in the city, a fair price all day with the makeup artist, the price has already crossed the threshold for thousands. Sometimes this also caused an online complaint: "is not a day of makeup, make up makeup, what charges are so expensive? ”


in response, Cheng Jieying admits cosmetics industry in some laymen may like the Salon industry belongs to the "super profits", but in fact, behind every service, there are the hidden costs of many consumers, not to see.


"current prices with the makeup is not a charge, but the industry's largest stream. A lot of people think what makeup to thousands of Yuan, but saw the industry behind the input in addition to the various brands of cosmetics, jewelry, and many can't see the: for example, we have to consider in the center of the land rents, in some forums, such as the cost of advertising, even including a makeup person years of education inputs, which are cost factors. ”

professional makeup artist "solo"


Cheng Jieying told reporters that since his 8-year career, has been a self-employed "free" order, and within the industry, there are also many works in professional makeup artist of large institutions, every month some "extra" nature of the order, and many of them have accumulated a certain amount of work experience, customer resources, tend to choose "their own."


Lee used to be served in a professional make-up artist for large bridal shop in Hangzhou; earlier this year, she summoned the courage to resign, opened his own make-up Studio in West. She told reporters that just graduated, pursuit is a solid, stable work, paid each month, I felt "little meeting", but in the industry of "latent" over a long period, entrepreneurship and strong sense of enthusiasm and mechanism of binding, and finally decided to advance "solo".


"zhiqian in large institutions, is a team cooperation of relationship, you just to do himself of job, and now completely self-sufficiency, what are to personally worry about, sometimes wants to wants to also is toil labour of; but returned head for, makeup with wedding of photography, and clothing, and not same, it has must of independence, completely can with personal capacity ran out a world; I wants to, this is many makeup Division dared to forks of reasons where. ”


material, independent makeup artist though overhead costs increased, but the rewards are obvious. Lee revealed that their original wedding photo studio while serving more than 5,000 yuan a month, and after independence, this year alone so far in September, total orders of more than 30,000 yuan.


"after independence, are free to schedule personal time and communication, and circle of friends to expand communication networks, there are a lot of good, hard by hard after all the personal makeup artist ads expand awareness, mainly customer word of mouth. ”


with the makeup industry as a whole remains specifications


at a press interview, many makeup artists are revealed, this line of high mobility, many aides from the start, technology learned, will soon follow, "seniors" are on their own. As the market grows, many were leading to chaos and disorder in terms of risk.


Cheng Jieying, told reporters that he had experienced "stolen" event. Before she has been advertised on a large Forum in Hangzhou, along with many of his works photographs; and one day she suddenly found another makeup artist in the same forum post, exactly copying her works using software to pull the LOGO in the picture. When her call each other, the makeup artist but insists that this is their own original, and the explanations are from the Forum "scumbags". "They said, charged advertising is responsible for helping each other's posts on top, as to the content never to examine differences and this gives people who steal stealing someone else's work to drill a loophole. ”


in addition to advertising, many makeup artists think that industry is primarily on pricing are not a relatively complete set of standards, often targeting those industry leaders or large institutional prices as a reference, while in the service, but it's really hard to reach that standard. However, Lee said, the price is too low adverse industry developments. She said that as with the makeup Dian, on the one hand taking into account the adequate costs, to keep makeup artist, on the other hand blindly cut prices, but will lead to industry "low price", bad for the industry to grow and.


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