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Bridal shop cheap buy charge without warning after collapse

Taiwan TVBS reported, a wedding industry in Kaohsiung, GroupOn launched the lovers as promotion, original 9990 Yuan now in 1314, but more than more than 200 couples to buy later, wedding industry is unexpectedly closed.


bridal shops accused of involuntary bankruptcy, which opened down, has emptied out; in July, the wedding dress shop in buying online, killing 13 percent under the play, original price of 9990 lover, and discount as long as 1314, was immediately attracted more than 200 teams of customer orders, did not expect industry to close October 9 without warning, head of runaway disappeared.


consumer protection officer said, people can raise alarm the consumption voucher, GroupOn also said that involuntary bankruptcy the wedding industry, the company has commissioned a lawyer saved the certificate letter, does not rule out the lawsuit.


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