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Wedding industry chain with fire sculptures of various industries into fashion

Wedding industry chain with the fire industry, become an important element in recent years fashion wedding ice sculptures. In recent days, married rose wedding couple planned a full fashion and dream-like atmosphere of the wedding ice sculptures, to participate in "dish baishou decoration" Cup 2011 Tianjin most creative wedding contest.


on the wedding ceremony of Mr Yang and Ms XING table, lay a 1.4 m high and 2.5 meters wide and large ice Castle modeling. Decorated with colored lights and flowers around the ice, using the refraction of light and transparent ice sculptures create a dreamy atmosphere, stunning four-seater. Ice sculptures carved in "LOVE words" ice base is etched with the couple's names. New common within the wine slowly into the ice, transparent "LOVE" font to red.


this ice sculpture market price of about 6,000 yuan, ordinary ice was about 3,000 yuan. Married rose wedding official said that with the development of personalized wedding, wedding props are also constantly changing. Placed more than 10 years ago, became essential fashion wedding champagne tower by hand, then add dry ice in a champagne glass and fluorescent liquid, smokescreen and ethereal and romantic atmosphere. The past two years, a growing number of new custom ice sculpture instead of a champagne Tower, added dreamy atmosphere.


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