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Hotel wedding

Hotel wedding

Tip 1 decide on wedding featured

     rookie should first think what you want and what kind of wedding, before deciding on the site a lot easier. What kind of wedding you want to? Atmosphere was good, or dishes at this romantic life: it is inexpensive, small businesses? Is more better, still want to take the opportunity to make a killing? For example, Qian Ruo is not a problem for you, you only care about "once" was a late romantic, you can choose light beautiful five-star hotel, good atmosphere, to spend a little more money, but this romantic dream might come close. If you are a budget-minded, who depends on the enduring, the affordable price, maybe also can create a lifetime of happy memories, even for the young couple to live together first, to accumulate a large fortune.

    Tip 2 calculation and cost recovery

     the number of invited guests and people after the wedding, what can earn (or lose) money? It allows you to plan what honeymoon? Buy new furniture? How much of the cost of living? Although a bit realistic, but this is what married life) reality, isn't it?

    Tip 3 little money can get married in a five-star hotel

     couple decided after two wedding destination, in accordance with its own budget and the tables you want to layout. If the budget is moderate, but vows to stay in luxurious five-star hotel weddings couples don't worry. Why? Because:

    A: guest will see the sites are distributed now wedding feast would see site different human, many five-star hotels do Wedding couples, budget balance, not losing money, because some dreamed of a wedding banquet at the five-star hotel but pockets much of the couple, you can still know the site and the possibility of the first hotel.

    B: you can select the site if the budget is not that small is beautiful, but the dinner table also small new budget not to too much pressure, in fact some delicate little venue, can be taken into account as well.

    C: if not for a good day, there is room to negotiate prices although the effects of the new millennium, many newlyweds, but ordinary Chinese still emphasizes the Zodiac, if you don't care about such practices, some non-wedding venue still has much of the day. Plus experience financial storm, currently the industry still general recession, especially hotel restaurant of services directly by impact, actually the big hotel restaurant in non-day of site shang, are still has bargaining of space, wants to in Hotel do married banquet of new, can directly told about personnel himself of budget to spent how many in married banquet Shang, let business personnel according to new actual of budget and needs design, so new also can reached in five star hotel do Hi banquet of wish, and fear overruns.

    Tip 4  included

     now many catering let the newcomers in the Hotel Gallery in the process, while other marriage-related services. Provides the main table such as silverware, tableware decorated outside and exquisite weddings anniversary gift set, and wedding photography company also provide preferential price for newcomers. Operators attempting to market vying in a competition of the wedding banquet, the married couple, as long as the intentions, will be able to choose the most suitable venue. Some gift new hotel accommodation, and tourism, and and married banquet site layout, offers, but new also is more understand better, don't only was price offers dazzled head, after all wool out in sheep body, industry who provides has offers service, on must in other aspects reduced cost, like in dishes and dish volume Shang discount, results led to guests complained, most 後 suffer of also is new.

    Tip 5 affordable mouth restaurant was good

     If you do not want extravagance, grandeur, hope to use only simple budget, wedding guests enjoy a hearty American dishes, have a reputation for newcomers to restaurant, is the economical choice. The same amount of food and materials, restaurant 30%-40% less than hotel prices, prices of Beverages is also half of the hotel. Quality restaurant while decorating style could not be compared with the hotel, but can winning dishes. Newcomer with a 2000 budget (on site), you can eat shark's fin, abalone, red ginseng, or grouper, lobster and other seafood, this dish is not only decent, and host and guest hosts happy.

    Tip 6 learn more about mastering the details

     in the preliminary decision after a wedding budget targets, if the time, best hotels than several new restaurants to see later in the field before making a decision. In addition to remind you, book seats ahead, increase their bargaining chip, is the key to saving money forever. New details, and related personnel, do not forget to master the principles above, every detail with gusto. Venue date determined after to send the invitations printed, remember to clearly write the new calendar and lunar calendar dates, do not mistake, so your wedding from the ideal of the perfect closer. Western wedding Cool! But... To cater for the tastes of all guests habits, General wedding still dominated by Chinese vegetables. But some of the young couples aspire to Western-style clean, elegant banquets, Western wedding, held in a hotel, provides guests with the participation of not only experiencing different feelings, sometimes we need to pay attention to certain matters ...


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