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Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding

Fengguanxiapei alternative has Bon Bon of wedding, hat jacket replaced has is is suit; no has wedding team of spectacular, is has has red sedan of eye-catching; no has Wedding March of accompaniment, but has drums suona align Ming; both has cold Fireworks bubble bubble machine of tie, and has saddle Brazier brings of auspicious; traditional of Chinese wedding to ancient, ritual comprehensive, festive, warm of publicity atmosphere and by has people of love, is China North wedding custom of concentrated reflected and meeting populist.

Chinese wedding process:

drums, dances accompanied by suona, sedan chair began to leave. To bride home--bride by brother back Shang car--started to hotel--groom removed sedan Shang is bows (a arrows shot days, gift marriage, II arrows shot to, to distribution a double, new Centennial good and three arrows set universe, forever, Auld Lang Syne)--far basin (take to heaven fire, burning into fire a basin, new fire Shang had, days had of booming's! ")-Cross-Saddle-(sandalwood, carved into the saddle, the couple over, step by step, to protect the peace. ")--&Nbsp;  one gold, two silver sub, three sub new turns on stage. --PRESENTATION--three nine-big-serves-change-the wedding (AOS) Exchange tokens – one candle--sons-eat cake – into the bridal chamber (the new couple dress up)-the wedding banquet begins.

        wedding requirements:

background of Chinese world table (six-card candles) elders Chair concentric candle saddle Brazier bow arches red carpet tradition flower road      lion dance

personnel and equipment:

1. gold wedding services

2. full senior makeup artist with the makeup       3. Virgin in period costume

4.  professional photographers throughout the record happy   (professional HD broadcast cameras)  5.  professional photographers tracking a moment of bliss

6.  rocker arm shooting unique pictures

7. professional audio

8. light strengthening effect of Chrysanthemum    9. chasing lights highlighting new

10.  live

11. pre-production MV, and timely announcements on site

12. Enter cold Fireworks


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