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Fairy tale wedding

Fairy tale wedding

A article red of long carpet to ceremony Taiwan, above sub Shang white of spinning, thin of spinning Shang sub full colored petals, guest is greeting in the, suddenly, one wearing black late dress head wearing hat of boy shake with silver go to, connection, full a quiet (somehow of), then, one wearing thin yarn long skirt of girls pulled with violin (wedding for song) go to, suddenly, full moving of (wedding for song) stirring of sounded. Lovely fairy tale theme song sounded, the bride sitting on a white couch, on one knee to kiss the bride and groom's hands. Then, the bride stood up, the groom picked up wife nice face, a quick kiss on the lips.

       Virgin pension per person on a symbol of pure love (slipper), groom to one knee again, the bride put on. Then the virgins on the Crystal glass of wedlock, thus using silver clip up ice, extremely elegant and put it in the Cup (symbol of pure Jade), pour on wine (COLA). Bride and groom hand hands Cup to his lips, also handed the Cup to the Bride Groom tongue (symbolizes the purity of heart to love) (glasses of sucker) symbolizes respect to old, you have me, and I in you.

at this point, the host did not speak a Word, and let you taste their romantic wedding of meditation. &Nbsp;  next, playing host, marry, marry and other necessary procedures. Finally, both symbolic of pure love of flying with origami. Fairy tale theme song ring out. Cold Fireworks release. Dressed in a black evening dress a boy in a hat, wear a tulle skirt, girls ask for auspicious red envelopes play, wearing a black evening dress boy in a hat tip my hat to the guests a deep, Virgin catch candy thrown from the hat to the guests. Outdoor loud salute sounded. Wedding a success.

        site layout:

1. continental white background layout, style stage six.

2. Crystal champagne tower placed one side of the main stage. Decoration dreams candle holders on the other side.

3. the decoration on a red carpet with white yarn and fresh petals, four pairs on either side of the Fireworks way.

4. flowers decorate the flower Pavilion, which has a rose chair.

5. OTC preparations silver trays, slipper, Crystal glasses and so on.

6. Enter cold Fireworks.

       personnel, equipment:

1. gold wedding services

2. full senior makeup artist with the makeup       3. Virgin and a violinist

4.  professional photographers throughout the record happy   (professional HD broadcast cameras)  5.  professional photographers tracking a moment of bliss

6.  rocker arm shooting unique pictures

7. professional audio

8. bubble machine, smoke machine, snow machine, ice machine and create a romantic atmosphere

9. light, meteor showers, the laser light to enhance stage effect of Chrysanthemum   10. chasing lights highlighting new

11.  live

12. pre-production MV, and timely announcements on site


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