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Marine wedding

Marine wedding

Sea-giving love is broad-shouldered, romantic feelings, like the blue of the sea's happiness and health. Play with fish swimming in the water, receiving their blessing to the new.

       "Ocean"-the wedding-the sea is always fascinating, because he has such a big mind can take care of you all with ocean blue to decorate your own wedding, guests as if in a sea of arms, "Ocean" is mysterious and romantic place, many of you living in the city I want you and me, Wedding is the most holy and sweet in a person's life but also need the blessing of the most romantic moments. We all hope that the moment will let us never forget, let us get older and still feel the touching spiritual Holiness.

        wedding planning:

       new wishes and love lock keys tied together in the dolphin's body, let the dolphins took two people's love to the Aegean Sea, into the hands of God. Let this love closely tied together so tightly locked together two loving hearts. Dolphin with a new desire to swim with concentric locking keys to symbols of love of the ocean.

       into the hotel as if into the blue sea, blue carpets, blue ocean background, the venue into the eyes full of the scent of the sea, in the aisle all the guests that arrived at the beach, smell the scent of the sea in the Sea Garden ... ... Let daydream! Belong to the sea lovers go to the fullest in their fantasy world show, bubble machine build flying Elf-like blessing the couple. Rows of blue helium balloons are also growing as they bring special blessings, because their arrival the whole wedding was so energetic and fly upward, they danced to sue all the guests for their joy and joy of the couple is the same ... ... Happy and free!

       site layout:

1.  hanging Blue Dolphin, blue and white balloons decorated the venue

2.  white adjustable   matching blue background of Sharman

3. 8 style on both sides of the carpet, blue and white

4.  side of the main stage are fluorescent champagne dreams candle holders placed on the other side

5.  Dolphin arch

6. portable cold flame

7. Enter cold Fireworks, Fireworks waterfalls create orgasm atmosphere

       personnel, equipment:

1. Rocker arm shooting unique pictures

2. Professional photographers tracking shot

3.  professional photographers throughout the record happiness

4. Senior makeup artist full door-to-door service

5.  gold wedding

6. Bubble machine to create a flying fairy

7. Chasing lights highlight the new atmosphere

8. Meteor shower    laser light   create a romantic atmosphere

9. professional audio   10. live

11. pre-production MV, and timely announcements on site


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