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Wedding bus

Wedding bus

Under the red ribbons and flowers dress up, the bus was given a new mission--the wedding car. Couple sitting with parents this "blessing" of the car to hold the wedding ceremony, also represents newcomers with the blessing of everyone headed for the next stop in their lives together.

       wedding planning: Optional bus 9 or 99, representing long mean. Appearance can be used on posters advertising new and posted photos of two people. Body is decorated with flowers, ribbons and balloons. Car covered with fashion for each seat cushion and backrest.

on my way to the hotel, by bus line docking stations. New invited passengers, passengers on the roses, blessing the couple. Full of the blessing of the bus drove down a station.


       MC admission of his opening remarks--------PRESENTATION----speak to Lord, witness leaders----candlestick----three Exchange gift----------------poured champagne Tower

       site layout: prominent personalities of the young fashion, yet romantic atmosphere.                

1. European background of pink yarn arrangement style stage three.

2. Crystal champagne tower placed one side of the main stage. Decoration dreams candle holders on the other side.

3. red carpet lined with four pairs of flowers, candle-lit road.

4. the three arches of flowers pink yarn trim package.

       personnel, equipment:

1. gold wedding services

2. full senior makeup artist with the makeup             

3. professional photographers throughout the record happy   (professional HD broadcast cameras)        

4. professional photographers tracking a moment of bliss

5. rocker arm shooting unique pictures

6. professional audio

7. bubble machine, smoke machine, creating a romantic atmosphere

8. Daisy            lights, meteor showers, the laser light to enhance stage effect;

9. chasing lights highlighting new

10.  live

11. pre-production MV, and timely announcements on site

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