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To marry but while lovers of ancient horoscope marriage

To marry but while lovers of ancient horoscope marriage

Male female water water water-two couples happy prosperous and happy marriage blessing, child wise home looking, good scenery of warehouse full of property


         1925 years yichou gold (cattle) 1926 bingyin fire (Tiger)

1927 Ding Mao fire (rabbit) 1928 wuchen is a wood (Dragon) in 1929, is a wood (snake)  

1930 g l dependent Territories (m) 1931 xinwei dependent Territories (sheep) in 1932, Ren-Shen of gold (Monkey)

1933 capric unitary of gold (chicken) in 1934, Jia Xu version fire (dog) fire of 1935 b Hai (pig)

1936 c of water (rat) 1937 d ugly water (cattle) in 1938, members of the reform movement dependent Territories (Tiger)

1939 d dependent Territories (rabbit) in 1940, Geng Chen of gold (Dragon) in 1941, Xin is gold (snake)

1942 renwu is a wood (a horse) in 1943, RAM is a wood (sheep) 1944-Shen water (Monkey)

1945 yiyou water (chicken) 1946-reform movement of dependent Territories (dog) in 1947, Ding Hai dependent Territories (pig)

1948 e fire (rat) in 1949, ugly fire (cattle) in 1950, Geng yin is wood (Tiger)

1951 Xin Mao belongs to wood (rabbit) in 1952, renchen belongs to water (long) in 1953, GUI water (snake)

1954 Sino-Japanese is gold (horse) in 1955, not of gold (sheep) 1956-Port Dickson fire (Monkey)

1957 Ding You fire (chicken) in 1958, the hundred is a wood (a dog) in 1959, Hai is a wood (pig)

1960 Boxer dependent Territories (rat) 1961 Xin ugly dependent Territories (cattle) in 1962, Union members are gold (Tiger)

1963 Kui-Mao of gold (rabbit) 1964-e fire (Dragon) in 1965, b have been fire (snake)

1966-l water (horse) in 1967, d no water (sheep) in 1968 e Shen dependent Territories (Monkey)

1969 unitary dependent Territories (chicken) in 1970, Geng-Xu of gold (dog) in 1971, the revolution of gold (pig)

1972 ren Zi is a wood (rat) 1973 GUI-ugly is a wood (cattle) in 1974, Jia Yin, water (Tiger)

1975 b d water (rabbit) in 1976, Hare on dependent Territories (Dragon) 1977 Ding Si dependent Territories (snake)

wuwu 1978 fire (horse) in 1979 does not fire (sheep) in 1980, Geng Shen is a wood (Monkey)

genus 1981 xinyou wood (chicken) 1982 Union movement of water (the dog) in 1983, GUI-Hai is a water (pig)

1984 cycle of gold (rat) 1985 yichou of gold (cattle) 1986 bingyin fire (Tiger)

1987 Ding Mao fire (rabbit) 1988 wuchen is a wood (the Dragon) in 1989, is a wood (snake)

1990 g l dependent Territories (MA) in 1991, xinwei dependent Territories (sheep) in 1992, Ren-Shen of gold (Monkey)

1993 capric unitary of gold (chicken) in 1994, Jia Xu version fire (dog) fire of 1995 b Hai (pig)

1996-water (rat) 1997 d ugly water (cattle)

men – two gold and hard gold gold hard, women without men shoukongfang, language is not day and night, the eye of the Many men, many minds.

men gold wood-the wood couple does not cry all day over many years, the original second life harmful, dark marriages widow margin

men gold water-Shui Jin Gao, money accumulated merchant husband and wife, both children born straight, smart learning articles

men gold fire--without marriage marry, marry a wife but also poverty, absence of family scattered, Jin Huo of the lives of their children

men's Gold World-Kanatsuchi couples marry well, need not worry about food and clothing blessed nature, children thrive with a silver spoon, Ferro, who Wan Wannian

male female gold-wood-couples and well advised to intersect, money bridges with Villa, the child name Yang, Jin Wangui share a bed of wood

male female wood-wood-wooden wife difficult, how much money gram, grams, disaster victims more than two wood madness more flow

men's wooden female water--male wood water bless, zhongcai transported into the room, often for valuable heavy as mountains, children born with blue shirt

male female fire-wood-muhuo husband and wife Ji chang, the day of marriage, bridges and slaves, smart men and women Fuk lung

male wood should not be husband and wife, Miss – civil engineering disaster of disease infection, two grams of the decentralized, a lonely cry day and night

rich boy and water girl gold-the Golden couple of high strength, long money accumulated age, marriage and career guide, Wo Kurada Zhai Fu long

boy and water girl wood – Kimizu couples marriage, financial invaluable Fu Wang sons-in-law, Zhu Mahe warehouse full, upright men and women learn articles

male female water water water-two couples happy prosperous and happy marriage blessing, child wise home looking, good scenery of warehouse full of property

boy and water girl fire--fire and water do not match couples sleeping, eating out, cause two tellers g murdered, dark fate dark sorrow

male female soil-water-soil and water near deposit, 3695 see King of husband and wife, two tellers g sad also, away from home to marry Buick

men and fire woman--Jin Huo couple grams where connections, do not know the punishment, stable if not filial, sacrificed children observe the poverty lone

male female wood fire--fire wood behind good husbands and wives, sons of filial piety in the family business in Mong Kok, bridges and an abundance of money, a rich-Gil CHEONG

--fire and affectionate husband and wife, men and fire woman water knot CAW marriage is not deep, and children if there are rich, too old or lonely people

male female fire-fire-fire two couples worry, whose tears day and night, two tellers grams should be not gathered, alone of the four seasons of spring and autumn

men Miss the fire--fire, Earth, couples well matched, position an payment of senior officials before the wind, two grams of victims, children-free smart rich forever

man woman--Tsuchikane married husband and wife, between the love of two hundred years, neizhai safe bridges and Fuk, born to daughter reunion

man woman couple different wood – civil engineering, anti-heartless g salt, fresh eyes with no cuffs, dark marriage actually empty

man girl water--soil-water couple there beast there is disaster, separated from their families, got home, at home left out of money not to

male female marital Changji fire--earth fire, rich grain Chou Fu-long straight, riches,honour and splendor, child wise students good time

man Miss – shared by two couples marriage, Huan Shi Fu good Commander, and children clever flourish, riches,honour and splendor home


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