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Gengma Dai and VA: couples "wedding three times"

Gengma Dai and VA: couples

Lead: "yellow group" origin of complex components, large differences of language, custom and other branches of the WA, is a branch of WA in the unique and mysterious.  

Meng Xiang Zhai, Jane, in gengmadaizuwazuzizhixian village, has a special of the WA branch – the Wa people dressed in yellow. WA people since ancient times, dress in black for the tone, while "yellow group" is deeply in love with yellow cotton cloth yellow color or fabric.

"yellow group" was most unusual: a couple life held a wedding ceremony three times, that is, "eat little wine", "eat wine", "cut off tail". This strange marriage customs, is also unprecedented in China's many ethnic minorities.

"small wine" also called small married, was the first wedding. And Han and other nationalities as solemn and formal wedding celebration. Wedding held for 3 days. First day called "stewards", mainly for dinner. At that time, the groom and their parents, two matchmakers bring tea, pork, tobacco, candles, money as a gift for her parents, invited her immediate family to the husband's House "small." The next day called "guests". That morning, the groom and two matchmakers, 4 "will come" (a grand old man) married bride to the bride's House. "Will come" to column in the bride's family lit a candle before, with meat and wine offerings in the columns, both men and women "eat little" things tell her ancestors and Meng (WA's patron), and pray for protection and blessings. Courtesy, link the bride to the groom's family. Returned to the groom's family to the same ceremony was held. After dinner, men, women and children in the village of adjusting the all-night singing, to celebrate the "eat little" new happy marriage. Third day is called "bases". Groom's parents and "not" to House chickens on this day offerings-Meng, will both "eat little" things-Meng, recognition and protection. Three days later, the "little wine" ceremony came to an end, the woman returned home, the man with the visiting, to the bride's House and ate and lived with his wife and working, parenthood, until "eating great" after the man took his wife and children back home.

"eat wine" also known as being married, was the second wedding. Time is defined by both men and women, or three or four years, the long decades. Wedding ban 3 days. First day called "stewards", the man's relatives and friends gathered in the man's House to kill fowl and swine, prepared the wedding feast. From this day, the man home to 4 "will come" in his column next to bless the couple. The next day called "guests". This morning, the man leading the procession to the bride's family wedding. To the bride's House, to sacrifice in the first column, and then each other. Afternoon, marry the woman to the man's House. Meanwhile, invited relatives and friends gathered in the man's House for dinner. After dinner, overnight hit song swap, congratulated the couple being married together. Third day is called "bases". Family dinner thanks to the stewards that the man's family and friends as well as her parents and sent to staff. "Eat wine", the couple live together, common child-rearing. But the "yellow group" thinks, "eat wine" man married to her people, the woman's heart still belongs to the man must be "cut off tail" ceremony can only be reached if the woman's desire to belong to the same man.

"cut off tail" also known as married or sweeping married third wedding. "Cut off tail" ceremony is the most exquisite, held only if both parents had held "cut off tail" ceremony, otherwise, no. "Cut off tail" ceremony will be held for two days. First called "stewards". The same day, the man to a crossroad near the village built a simple wooden shed. Wooden tripods made of three wooden sticks shaped, covered with bamboo BA, wooden shanty covered with straw, and then spread a blanket. That evening, the woman accompanied by the sisters, lived in a wooden shelter for one night, waiting for the groom to marry the next day. The next day called "guests". "Guest" that morning, the man leading the procession to the wooden shanty woman married to his home. When I got home, the first "not to" sacrifice in the column. Then the couple on "Isaac" (bamboo basket), bitter, sour, inside lettuce, hot dishes, fried pork, barbecue plate, Burmese Temple drop offered rice, requesting all her heart and gave the man, let them combine. Since returning from Myanmar temple, the man on the back of a knife cutting wood in the mountains, dig taro basket on her back up the Hill, a symbol of fortune by men and women, well fed and clothed. "Cut off tail" after the ceremony, the couple is officially a couple, the woman officially became members of the man, death and the man buried in the same hole, their sons and daughters to be vested in the man's family tree. At this point, the "yellow group" wedding is the perfect finish.


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