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Lugu Lake Mosuo people customs

Lugu Lake Mosuo people customs

Introduction: living in summer wedding   "Assia" for Mosuo language, meaning "intimate couples." So-called Assia living married men do not marry, women do not marry, men's and in the life of the mother, men just women Assia family at night, early morning return to the mother's life, that's called "walking marriage".


     current of the Mosuo people have married in three different forms:

first, a summer living married   "Assia" for Mosuo language, meaning "intimate couples." So-called Assia living married men do not marry, women do not marry, men's and in the life of the mother, men just women Assia family at night, early morning return to the mother's life, that's called "walking marriage". Assia and living children born in wedlock are members of the woman's family, the mother's surname, raised by a woman. Father is not a family life with their children, but a child-rearing responsibilities, often to visit and care for children living and growing, and when the holidays to carry clothing and daily necessities, child to father's House to a happy new year.

Assia living married men and women to make is a prominent feature of Assia, cohabitation together except at night, do not live together during the day. The woman needs help, the man can be a short period at the bride's House to help field farm, build housing, it finishes and then return to their mother's House, he will never become the woman fixing family member.

     in the summer of the Mosuo people in married life, young men and women at the beginning of married life, men and women are free to choose, but not two or more Assia. Summer and establish a relationship between the parties, fully based on feelings, free association, is not affected by high or low birth, fortune, political and religious aspects of the impact, thus "feeling" with nature, has never had a passion and emotion, not to involve family and community strife. In both men and women love to cohabiting couples in the course of life, respect each other's feelings and personality, will not force each other according to their habits of life, coupled with the specific relationship of the family members, not mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews and other relations, avoiding the many interferences, guarantees both men and women love innocence. Both men and women, once established a summer relationship, more stable in time, at least a few years, many decades, by middle age, then gradual immobilization.

Second, axiatong marriage   summer living married living difference lies in marriage, has made into a summer of both men and women is no longer the home of her parents ' home, "evening", but live in the woman or the man, common life raising children, and so on. But both women to the family is male to female, is based on the families of both the population and the labour force of how to decide, without any economic conditions, the class thinking as well as betrothal gifts, aspects of marrying, married mean. O this summer and long-term living common-law marriage is between man and woman in marriage in the process, established a deep affection and their age is nearing middle age or their mother's death, to do the duty of supporting the old, but wish to up of a voluntary, so the marriage is fixed. But when cohabitation living together without marrying ceremony and dayanbinke, no dowry, get married, and he and other complex etiquette. Two people live together, they are recognized by the society, being respected by family, people will look upon them as a couple. If the parties lived together for some time, emotions or temper is not fit to live with, you can still back there she lives. Original female to the groom, after divorce, the woman returned home, her family still welcomed her home and still look upon her as a family member. If the male to female, she lived with his sister and nephew. If the cohabitation period had children, attribution of children carried out by the two sides calmly negotiated settlement, not chaos and conflict between the two sides, but will not ask for child support to the other party, and polite with each other, all negotiations may be. If young children, along with mothers if children are older, and respect for the wishes of the children, the children themselves will decide whether father or mother. But seldom have the father, perhaps associated with the worship of mother and matriarchal family. Similarly, divorced men and women do not cause conflicts, because when men and women living together, created by the property are matrilineal family owned. Because cohabitation between men and women is not forking, fend for their own, but living in a matriarchal family, common life, property or family-owned, men and women cannot take property after divorce, children with the mother and father are the same. Divorced men and women have economic backing of the one family, so no worries, not divorced and way of life.

whether a summer living marriage or common-law marriage, is basically within the native marriages, are met in the production and life of both men and women, and bonding in the interaction, and make for a summer. Make a summer, in addition to preventing the same maternal blood relatives to make out, rest of the Mosuo men and women can make, as long as you do not "two-timing". Once established as a summer relationship, but also to obtain the family's consent, held a simple ceremony in the family, so that it will be accepted by the community. Young men and women of the Mosuo people is under the protection of customary law, a period, and then romantic marriage. But rarely in the Mosuo people have love at first sight or meeting together. Enthusiastic men and women met in the production and life, and began to give each other tokens, if accepted, will also accept your feelings, you can go to the aggressive pursuit of him (her), and make for a summer, or else deny your feelings, you have found someone else, or you'll go. In General, from man to woman a gold rings, earrings, bracelets, clothes, scarves and other accessories in Phnom Penh; women accept and return a flower belt or pair of silver chains, and girl hand-made arts and crafts, and even established a summer relationship with each other, men can be visited. But when men first went to the female Assia, not quietly sneaked in through the back door, must do with alcohol, tobacco, sugar, tea and the like "pot", with the consent of the woman's family agreed, and some in the family after the ceremony, can freely access to female Assia's door. Since then, the matriarchal family and the village community as a whole recognize their relationship.

third, monogamous marriage   20% monogamous marriage out of the Mosuo people. After Kublai Khan led his Army South into the Lake, the local feudal regime was established, with local officials, troops, but also incoming Lamaism, yongning and Lugu Lake under theocratic rule, and officials will continue to follow their traditional monogamous. Gase, supporting meadows County near the Weir dam, the Mosuo people in places like Wakai, owing to the attainment and other nationalities, and subject to the effects of monogamy, has also become a monogamous marriage, but their families, retains the customs of Chong-Zun's brother, mother, mothers in particular still enjoyed a high social status. In General, choose a monogamous marriage mainly has following several kinds of people: (1) the officials and businessmen, in order to guarantee the rights of property and succession rights to marry a woman and have children. (2) Si Pei has always been the provisions of a wife of a man, always adhere to a patriarchal family. (3) men single or several brothers and sisters, in order to ensure the inheritance, by a person to marry and have children. (4) both men and women for mothers-in-law to cousins, set by parents reluctant to marry.

despite motorcycle shuttle people of monogamy due to by outside of effect and produced, but began number small, on whole matrilineal clan of effect is unlikely to, just to has late constantly and external contacts, led to has matrilineal clan of internal disintegration and patrilineal right business of rise, but both Zhijian of rise and fall is not into is proportional to the cases, due to traditional of reasons, internal patriarchal business of development still is slow, go married form of o summer marriage still is prevailed.


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