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Wedding custom mascot--a total of "shoe" knot

Wedding custom mascot--a total of

Shoes, and "harmony" homophones, thus became a mascot in a traditional marriage, a custom symbol. Take the homophonic, kindness of total harmonic married head. Or as a wedding gift, or as a wedding dowry, or as a wedding gift ... In different cultures, shoes and marriage are not the same.

Rugby shoes

       maonan young men and women liked each other, on moonlit nights, inviting to spend classification of mutual love, poured affection, calling it a "night" as long as both sides would like to knot a century of good, "night" when exchanging tokens. Girl giving boy a pair of "LAN boot", with white lines forming a sole group of square lattice shoes. Guy to send a girl a top "bamboo hat" after giving token, show that two people for life.

year   shoes

£ £ in the mulam, shoes are girls given to epigenetic token. Girl in the "Po" activities in the dark lovers foot size measurement, size sewing needle key line, steamer and steam for more than 10 minutes out to dry after the shoes made, at a later meeting with the lover presented him with his tokens. Grant is the age of youth, which commonly known as the "shoe of the same year."

flower   clog

civil marriage customs of £ £ of Jing is more interesting. After the love between men and women, male entrusted matchmaker will make a song Lin and a color insert flowers clog, rushed to Beni. Women also took out a flower from the girls room performance. If the two sides spend hardly around pairing, the lovers are in heaven; if you do not match, it means not mutually, and not a couple. Flower clog paired, selected gift boxes, called "flowers clog".

silk and hemp shoes

£ £ in the Han, some parts of the North, when you make, the groom must send it to female silk and hemp shoes, shoes must be in pairs, taking good fortune harmony, affection, never part of Italy. Meanwhile, with sedan on the bride wearing silk and hemp shoes, silk cotton toughness Ma Zhi, harmonic "thinking MOM" means, Yu Xin woman, don't forget the mother. So as a marriage gift, harmony of the auspicious meaning shoes.

Kai   shoes

£ £ in Wuhu, Anhui Province, civil married daughters, when you prepare the dowry, bride and groom's shoes a pair, and bride's shoes into the groom's shoes. Bride at her wedding, shoes to their husband's family. In Hefei, was on the wedding day, the bride when entering the bridal chamber, and groom Exchange shoes, bride and groom each wear each other's shoes, "shoes" and "Kai" harmonics, this wife is glad to pray.

go the way of digging the shoes

  Jiangnan area in Han's "go the way of digging the shoes" is the bride next car, entered the House for the first time the ceremony, namely: the Bride Groom's shoes went on the next car must change, so it is also called "tap shoes." "Shoes" harmony "together with" sound. Grow old symbol of Italy.

foot shoes

£ £ in Lijiang Naxi people at the wedding, when the bride and groom into the room, the bride gave her a pair of shoes. When entering the bridal chamber, the woman sent to deliberately send the bride to the groom's shoes into the depths of the new bed, forcing the groom bow to remove the shoes under the bed, and pulled the worn. This shoe is called "change shoes", also get couples with Kai, meaning.

bride shoes

£ £ in the private sector, there is a saying, that bride to wear Bridal Shoes, will bring home a Geely, then gradually evolved into one of the new downtown events. In Huizhou, Anhui Province and other regions, girls, maiden are a pair of "bride's shoe", when used as a newly married couple their wedding day wear.

£ £ naofang of people prior to the bride bride, always trying to put "bride's shoes" get it, forcing the groom like cigarettes, candy, and other shoes, won everyone laughs. Many methods; such as Guizhou County civil, "taking off" shoe people over, rather than sitting all night in the bride's family's home in a necessary way in order to seize robbed of shoes.

  xiuning County, civil, in a bridal sedan chair into the husband's family, when you back out from the car by the bride and groom, before holding after naofang deliberately squeeze, take the bride, unprepared, shoes pulled off. Bride feet taboos, the groom had to keep her on his back.

Jie Huai shoes

£ £ in haeju area, Jiangsu Province, and Jie Huai boot wedding. When the couple enter the bridal chamber, sent people out and untie a buttons for bride and groom, commonly known as the "solution" (also known as "good". Locally known as women begin to have children to laugh), meaning the early laugh, early and have children. After Jie Huai, groom of the bed the bride for the groom to take off her socks off, commonly known as "boot" to show respect for her husband, himself a lifelong care husband living.

£ £ the bride wore tiger-head shoes, more interestingly in Chongming Island, the bride wore tiger-head shoes custom. On the island, when women marry, be sure to wear a pair of tiger-head shoes, take Tiger's prowess, came to uniform husband.


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