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Minority men marry wedding customs

Minority men marry wedding customs

Lead: the mood of "marriage and women" only heard of women and married men, did you hear about men and married women? In some parts of Guangxi prevalent custom of married men and married women. Feel so fresh?

here the "married men and married women" characteristics, generally there are several stages. When young men and women after the age of 18, he began to pay attention to grooming, a new disguise, like flower blossoming young women, all handsome young men. Through rush Street, visiting friends and relatives, playing cousin, holiday sing folk songs, playing top, throw Shuttlecocks and other means, to talk love, mutual understanding, which is the recognition phase.

based on the understanding, both sides requested the home, further understand each other, personality, family members, family, and so on. This is awareness, understanding and love phase.

every busy season and holiday, woman total to please man to help plow, and rake field, farming, harvest, cover House,, this is study other industrious capable also is indolent stage, is most key of stage after a two years of contacts contact, both produced has deep feelings, woman on secretly buy cloth, carefully to playing good fine of shoes to man, man received keepsake Hou, on select buy bracelet, and head Hairpin, and ring, earrings or watches, which of one or two pieces to woman, each other as tokens real, determine himself of sweetheart.

However, the conditions of these exchanges is still secret, confidential phase. After the four phase, the woman asked the man sent the old man to bring several kilograms of wine, sugar, tobacco cake gift to engagement, required the door, the marriage was made public, from that point on, the woman responsible for preparing all the dowry, bedding, furniture, etc. To prepare, the woman on the day after the man came.

the man married when she is about to leave home, first by hand blown on a farewell suona parents suona, and then fired into the air (gun powder) three-ring, setting off firecrackers, and then bow down to our ancestors and parents, and relatives say goodbye one by one, in 12-13 who accompanied by the bride went out. When you send to two or three kilometers away from her home, and fired into the air three-ring, woman's House after hearing the gunfire, immediately fired three ring, signal each other, we're all set, you can walk in the door.

when the groom went to the House, both sides also fired three ring, immediately, by an old man holding quickly jumping over burning in front of the fire and three bamboo circle. Clean body, entered the meeting. Sent one by one to accept each other after toasting, to sit down and rest, later into the banquet.

"wedding night" this should be the happiest young couple sweet night, but they are not gentle sleeping, but the bridal chamber the new beds vacate the elderly a break, enjoy the female family love, the bride and groom were accompanied by young men and women singing folk songs, romance until morning.

men and married women (the door), switch to the woman's family name, as a son-in-law in the family members have equal status and common enjoyment of property, inherit property. In the village, assigned to the same production, means of subsistence, s popular smart and can become dry, zhaizhu and other key positions. In society and equality of all, without discrimination of others.

Yao-site, in addition to direct outside the family headed back to a, there is another called on both sides of the door, that is, both sides of the family lived, to work both sides of the family land, supporting both sides of the family parents, access to both sides of the family property. Third is the door, is the woman who lives in a number of years in the future, and join wife back home. No matter what kind, is the old man agreed to by both parties, the couple heads together to decide.

man door has many advantages. First of all, marriage jianban, marriage, the man is not Banquet, and does not ask the men for a variety of property and bride price, man took a few symbolic gift becomes. Secondly, get rid of the patriarchal feudal, essentially total pure girl households after no one supporting the old rhythm goes, is conducive to implementing meter girls have long lagged behind her husband's stereotypes. Finally, I stayed, free love, marriage, thought good, deep feelings. Therefore, the phenomenon who stayed very few divorces.


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