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Wedding taboos you know

Wedding taboos you know

Whether it is traditional or trendy Western-style wedding Chinese wedding, in this most beautiful day in life, couples need to make a good beginning, ancestors handed down rules of etiquette are still need to pay attention, to learn more about some of the traditional wedding taboos left perfect start to married life!  

taboo 1.  taboo to eat wedding cakes

       cakes is a symbol of joy, distributing wedding cakes custom designed to share the joy of marriage, and marriage by Youxi pie conveyed to everyone who friends and relatives. When the gift, the man sent to the bride and wedding cakes to remember not to eat, because this symbol of festivity to eat himself, is should be noted that taboo.

wedding taboo 2.  taboo incense II

       at a time when married women in many traditional families ancestors or gods will sacrifice before the altar of incense, the woman in addition to offering cake, also note when incense, try not to plug the sweet head Askew, crooked or the smell out, then plug one, because two burning incense has remarried, for a married couple is unlucky.

Groom Wedding taboo 3.  taboo single sleeping bed

       the new being, new pillows, bedding ... ... Perfect wedding dress, to be put to the Wedding Eve. In the process, do not groom a new bed alone, because this alone means marriage, very unlucky. If the groom has no other place to rest, to find a Zodiac and underage boys to accompany sleep, such as Zodiac Dragon.

wedding taboo 4.  taboo said "Goodbye"

       when relatives and friends were leaving the wedding, couple with family members and friends may not be said, "Goodbye", "Goodbye" break up and leave the meaning of the word, the newlyweds, this meaning is very bad. So when the couple sent the guest should nod, or wave farewell.

visit wedding taboo 5.  taboo

      does not need to visit relatives in the honeymoon the bride taboo is handed down since ancient times. Because most people have a taboo on honeymoon bride, considered for others less lucky, this ominous continued beyond January would eliminate, the honeymoon the bride not stopping by. In particular, some have elderly relatives, should be particularly careful not to honeymoon to visit.

bride wedding taboo 6.  taboo pregnant women

      date of the marriage, the bride out, pregnant women can not send, because ancient people believed symbolizing the blood of pregnant women, pregnant women sent to disaster would bring new blood, so when the brides get married, pregnant women should be avoided. And when the bride away, often setting off fireworks, and large, crowded and noisy, air pollution, to the health of pregnant women also should not be allowed to add it to send troops.

wedding taboo 7.  taboo 3rd stay in the home after marriage

      traditional Chinese custom, the 3rd after the wedding the groom will be back home with his wife, this is called "door". And is in need of attention "door" must be back before sunset on the day her husband, jealous parents stay home, because it is generally believed that this would make her bad luck. If for special reasons to get home, the couple should also be separate sleeping, try to resolve the ominous feeling.


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