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Traditional wedding customs know

Traditional wedding customs know

Chinese Red "wedding

Red is the traditional color, lucky color in China, happy color. Red light is a strong visual impact, and has the color of life, fire and light, therefore, the ancients believed that red can ward off all evil. Weddings are the most important things in life, does not allow any evil doing mischief, so red into wedding color. Red lanterns, red, red couplets and red window guards, from big to small details, the whole wedding was red wedding Network  .


five-color silk colored lines


date of the wedding, the bride and groom in front of his chest Pro flowers, flower decoration is the five-color silk colored lines. Colors are also called colorful, green yellow, white and black, colors, dominated by red, good luck. Not only with five-color silk, colored lines across the chest, even marry with the Red network burden is the five-colored silk worn on the bride.


pocket money


wedding day, the groom, the bride beam lines are red belts. Belts are hollow inside, filled with money. During the Qing dynasty, put money "money" is filled with coins in the early liberation, now it is filled with hundred dollar bills, known as "rich", the implication is married to a thriving business, become wealthy rich family. ZAO twigs and chopsticks, glass, fold the groom at the wedding, new home discount jujube tree branches, and two pair of chopsticks, two drinking cups, together with a Red Ribbon, with red silk cloth wrapped away.

"date" message after "too early." A pair of chopsticks, a pair of cups, referring to couples and married there is food and drink, free from poverty to marry networks.


wear red handkerchief


when the bride married start for, girl, bowed goodbye to parents in both Cantonese. The sight and feeling, they were moved to tears, took a handkerchief to wipe the tears. Once upon a bride at her wedding to weeping outside the village, is said to be the bride crying tears of crops will bring the dew. Ancient women, once married, especially married away, they seldom have the opportunity to meet with parents, sad it can get. Now in the city, crying is unusual, the bride married with a handkerchief, but according to custom.

"red scarf" sedan when the bride married in the past, "red scarf", now married is usually by car, wearing the "veil". "Hijab" and "veil" was an agreed, is in the display and on behalf of the bride wedding photography network youth, virginity and nobility.


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