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Marriage singularly vulgar ancient Egypt woman first night dedicated to cattle

Marriage singularly vulgar ancient Egypt woman first night dedicated to cattle

Ancient Egypt worshipped "Taurus" the wind, the so-called "Taurus" is black bull with special markings on the body, it is said that this is a reproduction of the incarnation of God. "Taurus" origin priests take it careful feeding, over four months, sent into "Taurus Temple." Woman nude worshipped in the temple, and dedicated the nakedness "Taurus", which is their religious duty.  

second first night dedicated to the God's way to the monks and the priests perform, because they are God's representatives. In ancient India the King within three days of the wedding may not contact with the new Princess, three days to the Supreme monk and Princess were resting. The Kings like this, and what people can do.

India indigenous peoples of Bangladesh, after the Virgin served non-paternity and Chief of the priests, may not marry. New Zealand, and Nicaragua, South America Brazil and other places have such a custom. Gu Luomin aogusidudadi the man's only claim such a right. France buletanie custom is: first night dedicated to Christ, second night dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the third night dedicated to the landlord, the fourth night dedicated to the groom.

between some of the natives of the Philippines, there are specific public official dedicated to this matter. New Caledonia liduoniya virgins before marriage, it takes a highly compensated employee "broken melon". Japan scholar described in South Kumakusu, Matsumoto was hiding tours India, live in a noble family, master humbly to request his daughter one day "broken melon"

recorded in the black book, the sex of the story: African tribes living near the Equator have a girls first night public auction customs. Their teenage to maturity, its first night to sell to any person. The same day, girls were all living, clothes, being raised within the tribe tour, a crowd of people can use an appropriate price and the girls spend the night.

according to Egypt scholars, ancient Egypt has the status and rights of women, is the only global, even the most radical feminists, to catch up. Among them, the few female rulers in power even more staggering, they are considered Kings closer to God than men, even his incarnation as goddess.


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